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Vape Battery Safety Guide - All You Need To Know

by Bobbi M 26 Jul 2021

Over the years, there have been quite a few trends that have taken the world by storm, and vaping and vape products certainly appears to be among the most popular ones out of the bunch.


The rapid growth of numerous vape shops and e-liquid manufacturers, such as ZAP Juice as well as several others, has helped the e-cigarette and vaporizer market reach an astounding value of billions of dollars in just two decades!


Unfortunately, this industry does have a few serious issues. For instance, you might have already heard of incidents where vapes exploded and injured some people. The causes of such incidents are not clear, but it appears that they might be connected with battery-related issues.


If you want to protect yourself against sudden vape battery explosions, this article is for you! Here, you will find a list of helpful vape battery safety tips. Check it out!


Be Wary of Counterfeits


You might not be aware of this, but many stores sell counterfeit batteries. The most counterfeited brands are the ones with the highest price tags, such as Sony and Samsung. It would be best if you steered clear of counterfeits, as they can have serious quality issues.


Ideally, you should always purchase your vape batteries from reputable vendors. Due to the fact that they care about the reputation of their businesses, they will go out of their way to ensure that the batteries that you are getting are authentic.


Avoid Over-Draining

Have you been completely draining your vape batteries? If so, it is high time that you stop doing that. It has been scientifically proven that lithium-ion batteries tend to lose their capacity quicker if they are completely drained on a regular basis.


Most vape pens come with a battery level indicator. You should pay close attention to it every time you vape and charge your vape batteries before they are completely drained. That way, you will prolong their lifespan significantly!


Avoid Extreme Temperatures


Vape batteries, just like other batteries, should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. Both scorching heat and frosty weather can put a strain on the batteries, effectively shortening their lifespan and lowering their capacity.


In order to get the most out of your vape batteries, you should store them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. If you happen to live in an area where temperatures often get extreme, think about carrying your vape pen and batteries in an insulated lunch cooler.


Replace Old Batteries

No battery will last forever. Your vape batteries will eventually start losing their capacity and strength. In most cases, batteries that are used extensively should be replaced every six months. If you do not vape that often, you should replace your vape batteries every year.


Once you replace your vape batteries, do not throw the old ones away. Instead, you should look for a battery disposal box. Firstly, it is great for the environment. Secondly, lithium-ion batteries can short-circuit in the trash can and cause a fire, which is best avoided.

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Choose the Right Batteries

vape battery

There are quite a few types of batteries out there that are not meant to be used in devices you put in your mouth, including vape pens. Despite that fact, many people choose to use random batteries in their vape pens, risking their lives every time they vape.


Fortunately, picking batteries for your mod is not that difficult. It might take time and careful research, but it is definitely worth the hassle. If you feel lost and confused, consider looking for independent vape battery reviews. They might be able to point you in the right direction!


Use Battery Cases

This one might be obvious, but it is definitely worth mentioning - do not throw unprotected batteries in pockets and bags! Why is it that important? For starters, it is impractical. If you have a big bag, finding a small battery in there might take ages. Next, it is dangerous, as unprotected batteries can short circuit and explode.


Taking this into account, you might want to consider a plastic battery case. They come in a wide selection of materials, sizes, and styles. Because of that, you should be able to find a few that suit your preferences in no time!



Choose a Quality Battery Charger

If you invest in a high-quality charger for your vape batteries, it will also provide you with extra safety features, including timers, battery data displays and health monitoring. Once charging is complete, the charger will also automatically cut off.


Though a dedicated battery charger is a safer option than charging them straight from the mod, you still shouldn’t leave the charger unattended. Though it is extremely rare, your vape batteries can explode or catch fire while charging. For this reason, you shouldn't leave your vaping battery charging overnight. When you go out, ensure that you unplug your charger from the wall outlet as well. And as discussed above, when not in use, store them away in a battery case.


What To Do if Your Vape Does Explode


If your vape does end up exploding, report it to the authorities. Your report should include the following information:

  • the name of the manufacturer,
  • the brand name, the model, and the serial number of the vape,
  • the brand name and the model of the battery,
  • where you bought the vape from,
  • a list of the ways in which you modified your device.


Once you submit such a detailed report, you will give the people in charge the data they need to solve the problem of vape pen explosions for good!

In Conclusion

You might feel like your vape catching fire and exploding is something that will never happen. Sadly, many vape batteries do not adhere to consistent safety standards, which puts their users at risk of serious injuries.


The best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to learn as much as possible about the device that you use to vape and how to charge and handle its batteries. To do that, read the instructions that came with your vape. If your vape did not come with instructions, you should contact the manufacturer.

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