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How To Make a Sploof : Beginner's Guide 2022

by Dopeboo Staff 09 Jan 2024
What is a Sploof?

Keeping aside the amazing benefits of cannabis, one can't help but acknowledge the drawback that it has, which is, subtlety. Not only will the powerful aroma of a joint linger around in the room that you're smoking it but also travel through the next room. Can you have a quick smoke in your car or maybe outdoors? Fortunately, the answer is, yes. There is a sleek and subtle way to smoke your preferred herb without letting anyone know about it. 


What Is A Sploof? A Reliable Smoke Filter

Have you tried placing a towel underneath your door to prevent the smell of cannabis from traveling? Sploof is the ultimate stoner device that is used to mask the smell of weed and it can be made easily with the items available at home. The handheld smoke filter separates the particulate matter from the smoke you exhale. This will reduce the pungent aroma and ensure discretion. 

Sploof is a revolutionary device which is one of the simplest yet most crucial accessories present in a smoker's cannabis kit. We are being very serious when we mention sploof as an accessory. The thick clouds produced by joints when you exhale will be filtered. 

Sploofs are shaped like cylinders that open on both ends. One end serves as a mouthpiece, it will cover your entire mouth and is pretty large. After taking a puff from your choice of smoking equipment, exhale it through the sploof by placing your mouth on it. 

The other end of the sploof will be covered by a filter or a mesh system. Now, it will depend on the user to choose between a DIY sploof or purchase a sploof to get the job done. 



How Does A Sploof Function?

The way a sploof works is pretty simple. When smoke is blown into the device through the mouthpiece end like in a bong, your exhale will travel through an array of meshes. The number of stages and filters present on your sploof will be based on your purchase. However, sploof DIY will contain only one layer of filter. The particles present in the smoke separate and dissipate when it passes through the mesh. Smoke coming out from the other end won't resemble a thick cloud that you're used to. It will also smell less. 


Making A Sploof At Home: DIY Guide

If you master the art of making a sploof, it will prove to be both inexpensive and simple. The things that are easily available in your home can help you create a homemade sploof. If smoke is passed through a perforated material like dryer sheets, the chance of stinking up the place will reduce. Keep in mind, a DIY sploof isn't a fail proof option. 

Here's what you will need to make a sploof at your home -

  • Dryer Sheets - 4 or 5
  • A cardboard tube that's cylindrical in shape, for example, a toilet paper roll.
  • Something to hold the sheet in place like a tape, elastic band, tie, or piece of string. 


  • Start With The Toilet Paper Roll and Dryer Sheets:

The toilet paper roll is best suited for this purpose. No modifications need to be made to create a sploof with a toilet paper roll. 

  • Load The Sheets Into The Sploof:

You have to stuff your dryer sheets inside the roll. The layers don't have to be dense because 3 or 4 sheets will be pretty effective to mask the cannabis smell. You can even use scented dryer sheets for this. 

Keep in mind to have a spare sheet to cover the open ends of the toilet paper roll. The last sheet won't be packed inside. 

  • Secure The Sheet:

After loading the sploof with dryer sheets, wrap the last sheet on one end and attach it to the sploof with an elastic band, tape, or tie. The loaded dryer sheets inside will be held in place while you exhale your smoke into it rather than falling out. 

The home-made sploof is ready for use. 

Making A Sploof Without Dryer Sheet

To make a sploof without dryer sheets you will need -

  • A hard plastic bottle
  • Any air freshener
  • Paper towel or toilet paper 
  • Knife or a pair of scissors
  • Elastic Band

  • Use A Plastic Bottle:

Get hold of a hard plastic bottle, something that has a cap. Make sure the mouth of the bottle is big enough for you to exhale the smoke. 

  • Cut A Hole:

Using your pair of scissors poke about 5 - 10 holes at the bottom of the bottle. The holes shouldn't be too big or too small.

  • Use Toilet Paper Instead Of Dryer Sheets:

Get hold of some toilet paper or paper towel. Spray it generously with an air freshener. Don't miss out on the air freshener and perform this step right before you're about to use the sploof. Wrap the air-freshener sprayed paper towel securely with an elastic or piece of string. Make sure the holes present in the bottom of the plastic bottle are properly covered.

  • Stuff The Bottle With Paper Towels:

You have to spray a few more paper towels with air freshener and stuff it inside the bottle. Make sure to push the paper towels towards the bottom of the bottle. A few more paper towels will go above the air freshener sprayed ones. Keep in mind these paper towels won't be sprayed. This will protect you from the detergent-like taste that air fresheners have in case the towels slide up.

Blow the smoke into the bottle and cover it immediately after you've exhaled. 

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