Medium Sized bongs

There are quite a few methods available to consume cannabis, one of the most popular ways to indulge in them is with a glass bong. It is very important for you to make clever choices, as bongs are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes in the market.This can...

There are quite a few methods available to consume cannabis, one of the most popular ways to indulge in them is with a glass bong. It is very important for you to make clever choices, as bongs are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes in the market.This can sometimes be tricky for someone inexperienced or uninformed. Take into consideration the pros and cons of different bong sizes. Before we dive into the details, let's go through the basics of how bongs are beneficial for any herb enthusiast.

Bongs Produce Smoother Toke:

The biggest downside of herb consumption through joints or pipes (which involve combustion) is that smoke from them might irritate your throat. While in the case of bongs, it cools down the smoke in the base containing water, as a result, you will experience much smoother hits.

Efficient Filtration:

It is a given fact that carcinogens are the byproduct of combustion. Although bongs will not eliminate 100% of the toxins produced but will undoubtedly provide filtration upto a great extent and reduce the amount of toxins entering your lungs.

Now, let's get into the details of bongs sizes available for you:

  • Small:  These are appropriate choices for someone who is new to smoking or trying out bongs for the first time.

  • Medium: Smokers who want to level up their bong game must go for medium-sized bongs. They guarantee to offer you the best of both worlds.

  • Large: These are best suited for experienced smokers. As these extra large devices definitely hit the sweet spot for them. 

An informed decision about bongs will ensure you make the right choice when purchasing one. Your search for the perfect bong ends right here for we at DopeBoo bring you a topnotch collection of medium sized bongs. These bongs are undoubtedly the best option for you to strike equilibrium between volume and portability. Bongs of medium dimension can be true attention seekers during smoking sessions at your place or travel alone with you to your friends' place.

DopeBoo works towards delivering the best bongs at affordable prices and great discounts and offers. For medium sized glass apparatus we offer collections like Boo Glass 11" Freezable Beaker Bong or The HEMPER Beast Bong 12".

Advantages Of Medium-Sized Bongs Over Smaller Bongs:

  • No Compromise On Percolation:

Miniature bongs come with smaller bases as a result they hold less volume of water. Regarding the functionality of bongs, percolation is directly proportional to the volume of water in your bong. This issue is resolved by medium-sized bongs as they come with pretty decent sized bases. As the volume of bongwater is good enough for better percolation and results in much smoother, cooler hits.

  • Amazing Designs

Small bongs come with pretty basic features as there is no room for much innovation. On the other hand, medium sized bongs come in a colorful range of shapes and designs. At DopeBoo, you can choose from funky looking ones like 12" Raked ZigZag Bubble Base Bong.

Advantages Of Medium Sized Bongs Over Larger Bongs:

  • Affordability:

Big price tags come complimentary with oversized bongs. They are anything but not affordable for everyone. Medium-sized bongs are quite affordable and will fit in your budget with ease.


  • Portability


Definitely the giant bongs cannot be categorized under travel friendly bongs. Here they are dominantly replaced by medium sized bongs. As they do not compromise on percolation and can be easily carried around in a bag.


Who Should Buy Medium Sized Bongs?

If you are not up for either beginner friendly mini bongs or large bongs with harder hits. Medium sized bongs are a perfect match for you. At DopeBoo, we have Boo Classic 11" Double Percolator Bong.They offer enough percolation for smooth satisfactory hits and are also easier to handle than the larger ones.

What Is The Preferred Dimension Of Medium Sized Bongs? 

At DopeBoo, you will find medium sized bongs ranging between 11" to 14".

How To Maintain Bong Hygiene?

The easiest way to deal with resin build-up is not let it build up to begin with. Ideally you should wash your bong after every session. Bongs can be deep cleaned using salt or rubbing alcohol.

How To Clean Your Bong With Salt And Alcohol?

Using salt and rubbing alcohol to clean your bong will give you quick results and many bong enthusiasts swear by this method:

Step 1: Pour some coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol into the bong through the mouthpiece.

Step 2: Shake and mix the solution,  as a result salt will scrub the inside walls and alcohol will help dissolve all the gunk, tar and resin buildup. You can repeat this step if necessary. 

Step 3: Rinse your bong with warm water. Repeat this step twice or thrice to make sure no residue of alcohol is left behind.

Step 4: Make sure to air dry it as any moisture left behind will encourage fungal growth.

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