Pocket-sized and ready when you are! Chillums are the carry-everywhere pipe that even the most pretentious pipe collectors turn to when they’re looking for a quick and easy sesh. Don’t be fooled by the affordable price -- our favorite glass masters have managed to craft chillums fitted with the most advanced...

Pocket-sized and ready when you are! Chillums are the carry-everywhere pipe that even the most pretentious pipe collectors turn to when they’re looking for a quick and easy sesh. Don’t be fooled by the affordable price -- our favorite glass masters have managed to craft chillums fitted with the most advanced engineering and impressive artistry. Chillums are great for parties (like the Grav Shot Glass Taster), but also ideal for solo moments like a thoughtful stroll through the park.

Some elements of the chillum (a.k.a. “taster) that you may want to consider:

  • Roll stop - to keep from rolling off tables
  • Borosilicate - the most durable glass, ideal for portable pipes
  • Glass thickness - the thicker, the better
  • Bowl size - chillums tend to be around 3” long, but the bowl size can vary greatly
  • Style - you want a piece that boosts your mood just by looking at it

Here are a few of the best chillums according to the DopeBoo crew:

GRAV Labs Upline Taster, $14.99. That’s right. Take the “Advanced Perconomics” of Micah Evan’s popular Upline collab wherever, whenever. The Upline Taster is our highest rated, best selling chillum. The ladder-like chambers that gained their fame in awe-worthy water pipes are now bringing cooling, soothing power to this ultra portable pipe. GRAV Labs is the Austin glass house well known for scientific borosilicate glass that pack powerful engineering into minimal designs.

Empire Glassworks Honeycomb Chillum, $59.99. Empire handcrafts each high art piece in California. This brand is known around the world for their inspired design and flawless borosilicate construction. The American glass chillum is the product of over forty years of experience creating fine glass jewelry. Their honeybee-lovin lineup has been an instant hit from chillums to water pipes. Glowing amber honeycomb and buzzworthy bees bring the pipe to life.

Jane West Taster, $24.99. Mom, entrepreneur, and now glass artist! This leading lady has teamed up with Austin’s GRAV Labs to deliver this rich blue collection. Each pipe is crafted with genuine cobalt ore to cultivate that dynamic glow. Sleek contours are unique to the Jane West Collection, adding a touch of stability and style.

Marley Naturals Taster, $35. A luxurious bend of sustainably sourced Walnut wood and top-notch borosilicate. This bestseller exudes high quality in every inch! The North American wood is finished with a natural carnauba wax to resist the elements with ease. Marley Naturals’ chillum also unscrews for easy deep cleans to keep it as fresh as the day you unboxed it!

Wax Bat Chillum, prices vary. Concentrate chillums? Yes, please! While we all know chillums are usually for dry herbs, Boo Glass presents a concentrate upgrade! Just be sure to let these bad boys cool before you pop it back in your pocket. The Wax Bat works with the help of a thick glass arm that extends like a dish over the end opposite your mouthpiece. Heat with the torch and tap on your extracts just as you would with a nail.

GRAV Labs Graphic Taster Chillum, $19.99. The best of the basics. This reliable go-to is available in a variety of “so you” styles with unique graphics etched right into the borosilicate. It’s a best-selling chillum for its sturdy glass construction and ready-for-anything size. GRAV Labs is a world-renowned glass brand for its precision approach.

RYOT Taster Bat, $7.99 - $9.99. These dugout friendly accessories are available with a variety of easy-load features. Take your pick between wood or acrylic, a digger tip or spring button -- all in the simple palm size device. You can also opt for your preferred choice between Maple, Bamboo, Walnut, and Rosewood. The Large Bamboo bat is a popular choice for the eco-conscious who like a little extra size to their portable pipe.

Pokemon Pendant Chillum, $49.99. Gamers will love to get down with this ultra-portable piece. Another of Empire Glassworks’ inspired designs, this pendant pipe can be carried around your neck or on your keychain. It’s the perfect accessory for hiking adventures and music fests! Grab yours while supplies last -- these chillums have been an instant hit. We have a wide selection of Pokemon inspired glass for both dry herbs and concentrates.

GRAV Labs Taster Shot Glass, $14.99. What a treat! Perfect for stocking stuffers and party favors, the GRAV taster shot glass is a playful upgrade on your average chillum with its unique two-in-one design. The brand’s signature scientific borosilicate takes your favorite zesty dry herbs and liquids. A new Friends-giving tradition? I think so.

American Glass Chillum, $34.99. Chameleon Glass proudly crafts each of their pieces in a 100% Made in USA operation. This sturdy borosilicate chillum is nice and thick for on-the-go adventures. It’s also a great way to include a splash of patriotism in every sesh.

Tron Trail Chillum, $24.99. Simple and sturdy. This chillum is here to get the job done. It’s striped silhouette is thick for pockets, bags, and backpacks. All you have to do is sprinkle in your favorite dry herbs and give it a spark! A sleek Tron Trail gives the design an elevated edge.

Chameleon Glass Dubdancer Chillum, $34.99. Extra thick borosilicate brings this one home. The chillum may be designed for out and about usage, but it’s oh-so-easy and reliable that many of us find ourselves reaching for it everywhere and anywhere. Chameleon Glass makes each American glass chillum in the USA for top shelf quality.

Empire Glassworks Frog Chillum, $69.99. This highly artistic chillum doesn’t miss a detail. A richly textured frog rests atop the sleek borosilicate chillum with dynamic hues and a convenient roll stop. Empire Glassworks handworks the coloring of each piece with USA-quality in California.

And those are the chillums you need to know. But don’t let this list stop you from scrolling through our full collection of chillums made from a wide range of artists, in a wide range of styles. You may be surprised to discover just how scientific these little devices can be (looking at you GRAV Labs!) as well as highly artistic (that’s you, Empire Glassworks).

Take a scroll-stroll below to find your perfect chillum style!

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