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You’ve got yourself a pipe -- maybe even a vape -- so, what next? While most concentrate devices include everything you need to put it to work, most people tend to upgrade certain elements. The nail is typically the first water pipe feature that gets traded in. To heat the...

You’ve got yourself a pipe -- maybe even a vape -- so, what next? While most concentrate devices include everything you need to put it to work, most people tend to upgrade certain elements. The nail is typically the first water pipe feature that gets traded in. To heat the nail, you’ll need a torch or e-nail that gets all the way up to concentrate-hot heat.

Once your nail is at tip-top temperatures you can use a dabber to scoop in your concentrates. Extracts are likely stored in a silicone storage jar. Use a carb cap, or flip a 2-in-1 carb cap dabber to channel every wisp of vapor through your water pipe. Your accessory lineup can transform a pipe or vape into a truly personalized experience.

Types of Concentrate Accessories:


Nails come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. Be sure to check these specs on your water pipe before buying a dab nail. Then you can explore the innovative world of dab nails! No time?  For more information, browse our How to Choose A Dab Nail Guide.

Nails are available in quartz, ceramic, and titanium. Most pipes come with a glass nail, but glass is not preferred for concentrates because it tends to crack under the torch-hot heat.

Quartz Nails:

  • Fastest heat-up time.
  • Doesn’t have great heat retention.
  • Clean - doesn’t release gases at high heat.
  • More breakable than titanium.

Ceramic Nails:

  • Thirty or more seconds to heat up.
  • Retains heat the longest.
  • Clean - doesn’t release gases at high heat.
  • May stress or fracture after extensive use.

Titanium Nails:

  • Fast heat-up time.
  • Excellent heat retention.
  • Some feel it adds a metallic flavor.
  • The most durable nail type.

Nail shape is another way to customize your concentrate routine. The bestselling nail types are: the quartz bucket and the domeless titanium nail.

Open-top (or “domeless”) shapes give you the most room to maneuver with your dab tool. The bucket (or “banger”) offers an open top as well as a deep bucket that won’t spill into your pipe.

E-Nail or Torch -

You’ll need either an E-Nail or a torch to heat your concentrates. Battery or outlet power heats the e-nail which is attached to directly to your pipe. This option also offers digital precision when it comes to temperature.

Vaporizer Replacements -

Instead of loading material onto a nail, vapers insert concentrates right into the atomizer. This heating chamber on a vaporizer takes the brunt of the wear and tear. That means the atomizer goes bad long before the rest of the device. Most brands either include extra atomizers at purchase or make replacements readily available. KandyPens tends to stay on top of atomizers and crafts without toxic dyes, wicks, and glues.

Silicone Storage Jar -

Nucleus and Budderblocks are the most popular silicone storage jars. Silicone is a highly rated concentrate companion because the super-smooth surface lets sticky materials slide right off. It’s also high-heat resistant and dishwasher safe!

A silicone dab mat will also keep your counters clean. It will even work with a nectar collector!

Dabber -

These tools range from sleek and sophisticated to playful and vibrant. That means it’s a great way to let your personality shine. Gamers can appreciate Pokemon and Super Mario themes. Tea Pots, Genie Lamps, Sushi Narwhal, and Lightsaber dabbers exist.

On the sophisticated side are clean-lined Skilletools Dish & Dabber sets.

If you’re looking for a little extra help, kits such as the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter and Travel Set include a full lineup of differently shaped tips to help maneuver your concentrates.

Two-in-ones are big on the concentrate scene. You’ll find them most when it comes to Carb Cap Dabbers and Dish & Dabber Sets.

Carb Cap -

Cover your heated nail so no material goes to waste. Similar to a side-carb hole on a hand pipe, this gives you total airflow control.

Many people opt for a 2-in-1 Carb Cap Dabber to save themselves some trouble. This design is also available in quartz rather than titanium. The unique Bubble Carb Cap is also very popular.

Reclaim Catcher -

Something we rarely get an opportunity to do with dry herb is the ability to reclaim the waste. Instead of letting concentrates drizzle into the walls of your water pipe, catch it in a tiny jar beneath the nail. A keck clip secures each piece into place for a sturdy experience.

Concentrate Devices With Premium Accessories:

Not looking to tack a lot of accessories onto your purchase? Several top-shelf rigs and vapes include a wide range of equally luxurious companions.

UPC rigs ($69 - $204) tend to include an extra-deep bucket nail to complement its extra-thick borosilicate glass. They come in a variety of long-lasting shapes and sizes. This California company knows how to do a dab rig right.

POUNDS rigs ($98 - $280) come with multiple slides for each pipe. They typically include two nail types (domeless and quartz bucket) as well as a dry herb funnel. Each piece is specifically crafted with super thick borosilicate and a thick, balanced base.

Source Orb 4 vape ($87.99) has the widest range of atomizers at the ready. In all kinds of shapes to try -- you’ll never be bored and can experiment with which atomizers you like best. They’re crafted with durable titanium for daily-driver workouts.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us directly. Click the message icon in the corner of your screen or use the contact info at the bottom of this web page. We’re happy to help you make your concentrate game as top-notch as can be.

Which accessories make your routine “so you”?

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