Cleansing water filtration doesn’t always mean a big bong lying around. For more casual occasions, the bubbler makes a perfect sidekick. This silhouette rests easily on end tables -- often while looking like a work of art! Bubbler designs mark a happy medium between a full-sized water pipe and the...

Cleansing water filtration doesn’t always mean a big bong lying around. For more casual occasions, the bubbler makes a perfect sidekick. This silhouette rests easily on end tables -- often while looking like a work of art! Bubbler designs mark a happy medium between a full-sized water pipe and the portable hand pipe.

Popular Bubbler Styles:

Hammer-style bubblers have recently become a bestseller across brands.
Sherlock bubblers remain a long-standing favorite with its elongated neck.
Bubbler rigs are powered up for concentrates, using a nail instead of a dry herb slide.

Top-Selling Bubbler Features:

  • Borosilicate glass for durability
  • Side carb for airflow control
  • Hammer and Sherlock styles
  • Diffused downstem

Best-Selling Bubbler Brands:

  • GRAV Labs
  • Marley Naturals
  • Jane West
  • Boo Glass

High-quality bubblers come at all price points. Finding the perfect bubbler all comes down to whether you like concentrates or dry herbs and your personal sense of style. Take a scroll through our bestselling bubblers that have earned Boo’s Paw of Approval.

DopeBoo’s Top-Ranked Bubblers:

  • Marley Naturals Bubbler, $159.99. Sustainably sourced Walnut Wood makes this piece rise above the rest. It’s an ideal blend of earthy naturals and sturdy borosilicate glass. An amazing feature of this piece is its ability to unscrew into multiple pieces. That means it’s super easy to keep it looking and working just as fresh as the day it arrives on your doorstep.
  • Jane West Bubbler, $129.99. Leading lady, Jane West, has teamed up with GRAV Labs for an exciting new collaboration. Each piece is crafted with genuine cobalt ore for a rich blue hue. The Jane West Collection boasts neat contours that make the bubbler design nice and sturdy -- with a splash of style.
  • GRAV Labs Upline Bubbler, $139.99. Micah Evans’ incredible Upline design elevates this bubbler to a state of “Advanced Perconomics.” Spine-like chambers extend through the device, each individually cleansing and cooling every inhale. Engineering like this is why Austin’s GRAV Labs is world-famous for scientific glass of all shapes and sizes.
  • GRAV Labs Helix 3-in-1 Multi Bubbler, $144.99. Combine the bubbler with a variety of attachments, including GRAV Labs’ tornado-like Helix mouthpiece. Swap out the bubbler base when you’re looking to mix it up or try something new. Each piece is held together with a sturdy keck clip.
  • GRAV Labs Showerhead Downstem Bubbler, $79.99. The downstem is a step up from your average bubbler. It’s diffused with the refreshing power of a showerhead perc. This -- combined with the upright shape -- take this bubbler to top shelf status.
  • GRAV LABS Helix Basic Bubbler, $94.99. The Helix has been one of GRAV Labs’ long-time bestsellers. You can witness a spiral of goodness flow through the mouthpiece like a tornado. Maximized by bubble power, there’s no stopping this pleasurable piece.

DopeBoo’s Best Concentrate Bubblers:

  • UPC Tank Bubbler Rig, $139.99. This thick borosilicate glass rig is handcrafted in California. A unique wide-bottom design keeps it extra sturdy on your table, and easy to rip with the neck extended outward. It’s fitted with the popular bucket nail for easy maneuvering with the dabber.
  • UPC Tear Drop Bubbler Rig, $149.99. Stylish and powerful, this is one of our fastest selling bubbler rigs -- and it’s still rocking a five star rating! The tear drop shape elevates the thick borosilicate glass pipe to decor level.
  • UPC Triple Bubbler Rig, $159.99. This thick, American glass bubbler is handcrafted in California. UPC’s unique piece is actually available in a full range from single to quadruple bubbler designs. It’s accompanied by everyone’s favorite bucket nail.

Best-Selling Bubblers Under $50:

  • Nucleus Cone Bubbler, $25. (Silicone, $15). Instantly popular, the Cone Bubbler is actually an attachment for your hand-rolls. Add a refreshing splash of water filtration to the direct-hit device so you have aah-worthy inhales every time. The silicone cone bubbler is also dishwasher safe!
  • Frit Glass Hammer Bubbler, $49.99. The fritted glass techniques sparks a luxurious style in this hammer-style bubbler. A dynamic color combination runs through the glossy silhouette. You can proudly display this piece like it’s decor. Sturdy, thick glass makes it safe to leave out on the table, too!
  • 6-Arm Tree Perc Downstem Bubbler, $35. Amplify the filtration power with a tree perc downstem. Six diffused arms elevate the bubbler’s abilities. A bamboo textured neck adds durability to the sleek piece.
  • Stinger Sherlock Bubbler, $29.99. A touch of vibrant color spirals about the mouthpiece and bubbler base of this lively bubbler. A sherlock neckline arches upward for a casual, comfortable inhale that’s extended away from your flame.
  • Fumed Glass Sherlock Bubbler, $39.99. Fumed glass glows in this excellent design. Metallic layers are embedded within the glass walls to create a dynamic glow. Solid glass marbles decorate the exterior and give the piece a sturdy grip.
  • Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler, $49.99. This playful animal pipe is decorated with a detailed elephant -- floppy ears, long trunk and all! It’s certainly a good vibe to add to any pipe collection. This Boo Glass design rests easy on a table thanks to the sturdy flat base. Also available in a Standing Sherlock style.
  • Glass Drop Hammer Bubbler, $22. Lively hues wrap around this hammer style bubbler with glass drop accents. The long, lean neck is extra durable with wrapped glass detailing. A fixed downstem descends into a bed of water for cleansing in a surprisingly portable size.
  • Sherlock Style Two-Tone Bubbler, $24.99. Simple, effective, and with a touch of style. The two-tone design creates a cool color blend as you elevate your favorite dry herbs with water filtration.

Now that you’ve browsed our bestselling bubblers, which types get you excited?
Still not sure? Ask yourself these easy questions to narrow the options to your perfect sidekick:

  • Dry herb or concentrate?
  • How big should it be?
  • Colorful or clear?
  • Simple or scientific?
  • Sherlock or hammer?

These simple queries will help you find a bubbler you’ll be reaching to for years will come. And with these bestsellers -- they’ll be there like a loyal companion, ready to rip every time!

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