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The mysterious and mighty Kraken may lurk beneath the murky waters off the coast of Norway, but Kraken Grinders are easy to find right here! Made of only the finest in high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloys, Kraken is a brand name you can trust to stand the test of...

The mysterious and mighty Kraken may lurk beneath the murky waters off the coast of Norway, but Kraken Grinders are easy to find right here! Made of only the finest in high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloys, Kraken is a brand name you can trust to stand the test of time. No matter where life takes you, this top of the line grinder is sure to handle the stress with ease. With built-in features such as pollen screens and stash chambers, Kraken Grinders provide a user-friendly experience each and every time.

Their superiorly ergonomic, oops-proof designs, make it a no-brainer why there's usually a Kraken found on the shelves of most true herb connoisseurs. These master's of the fine art of herbal refreshment know that grinding herb is a must when savoring the flavor of your favorite strain. True aficionados will also tell you that not just any grinder will do and Kraken is a name that has earned the respect of flower fans around the world. Once you examine the intricacies of this top-notch grinder, you'll be a believer, too.

The Most Necessary Kraken Grinder According to Fans

The Easy Grip Tiers 4-Piece Grinder is one seriously monstrous little powerhouse when it comes to grinding your herb, while at the same time this little beauty pays careful attention to separation and careful storage of your precious materials. Available in both 2.5 inches or 2.2 inches, this 4 -Piece Grinder comes equipped with super powerful blades guaranteed never to let you down. Every Kraken Grinder comes backed with a Lifetime Warranty on the teeth on their grinders making sure you get a perfect grind for years to come. Anodized Aluminum makes this virtually indestructible grinder a must-have for world travelers looking for the security of stash container that can take a beating. It isn't easy to find an ultra high-end grinder that's available in this many colors and with such an impressive, all in one, easy to grab, compact design. Just put your favorite dry herbs into the top chamber, give a spin, and you're off and rolling.

Separate container chambers ensure not one bit of that sweet pollen gets lost in the shuffle. Micro-thin screens filter and sift the most precious and hard to obtain parts of your plant matter, while an included pollen scooper makes the transition from the chamber to the container a mess-less procedure. Keeping your grinder clean is easy thanks to the high-quality aluminum materials such as these. Just use 91% isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe clean. Allow your Kraken Grinder to air dry completely before adding any dry material. Most herb fans keep cleaning their grinder to edges and the outside only, to preserve the personality of the herb.

The Most Compact Ultra High-Quality Kraken Grinder

The Kraken 2-Part Dispenser Grinder is one of the coolest Kraken Grinders ever made! The incredibly chic design of this beautifully designed grinder has it all covered. Complete with its own stash chamber,  this grinder is exactly what you need when it's a powerful, sleek, and stealthy grinder you seek. Just fill up the Kraken 2-Part Dispenser Grinder with your favorite dry herbal material and give it a good, healthy twist. All of your finely ground herbal goodness gently falls from the grinder containment chamber and down into your storage container, or pipe, bowl, or bong. This clever little grinder even has an acrylic funnel that doubles as a traveling stash jar, just in case you find yourself in a pinch. At just 2.5-inches, this little handy Kraken Grinder will make sure you never have to leave home unprepared again.

Superior Color Selection

Kraken Grinders are available in an incredible choice of bright and luxurious colors, such as red, black, gold, pink, green, classic silver aluminum, and one of the most luscious plethoras of shades of blue we've ever seen. At a price point as reasonable as this, you can happily pick one up for yourself and one for a friend. Unsure what to get Grandpa for his birthday? Chances are he'll appreciate the excellent craftsmanship that made Kraken Grinders famous in the first place. With this many color choice, there's even a gift for every sports fan on your list. Support your favorite charitable or social cause with a Kraken color that fits your style and message.

Kraken Grinder colors are guaranteed never to fade or chip. These are no cheap knock-offs! These colors won't flake out or wear off, guaranteed to leave your herb fleck-free. No matter which color you choose, you can be confident that the color will stay on your grinder and off your hands. Nothing kills a sesh faster than tainted goods. Be sure always to pick a quality product to trust with your quality products.

The Best Kraken Grinder to Give as a GIft

The 4-Piece Diamond Ridge is one stunning necessary accessory. There aren't a lot of accessories one can gift with such confidence as a grinder. When that gift is a diamond accented Kraken Grinder, you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are giving the gift of quality. If you want to treat yourself to something sweet, you found it! Few people will be able to stop themselves from commenting on how sleek your grinder is when they see this one. Available in two sizes, 2.5" inches Or 2.2" inches, there's undoubtedly a 4-piece Diamond Ridge Grinder to fit right inside your bag or pocket. Kraken Grinder's unbelievable color selection will no doubt blow your mind. It will undoubtedly leave you no choice but to grab a few. 

It's never a bad idea to give the herb enthusiasts in your life a grinder and giving a Kraken Grinder is always an excellent move; unless you don't care about being known as a person who is notorious for giving crappy gifts. With the Kraken Grinder lifetime guarantee, these elegant grinders are worth the price several times over. Whenever you place an order for a Kraken, you can be sure you have spent your money wisely on a grinder you'll be proud to show off for many years to come.

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