Functional Mushrooms

Enjoy the benefits of astonishing functional mushrooms offered by the top brands in the USA. Crafted carefully with all-natural ingredients and delicious flavor, these discreet functional mushrooms are made to fit into your daily regime. Dopeboo is proud to deliver quality products from top brands; buy these 100% natural fungi...
Enjoy the benefits of astonishing functional mushrooms offered by the top brands in the USA. Crafted carefully with all-natural ingredients and delicious flavor, these discreet functional mushrooms are made to fit into your daily regime. Dopeboo is proud to deliver quality products from top brands; buy these 100% natural fungi and bless your body with the prosperity of nature.
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What Are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional Mushrooms are different from your regular mushrooms. Beyond nutritional makeup, these functional mushrooms are renowned for their potential benefits. As they contain protein, fiber, and vitamins, they aid in preventing cell damage, increase your strength, maintain your blood pressure, and support your nervous and immune systems. 

However, some functional mushrooms also contain “Plant Substance,” which provides “ anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer effects.” Moreover, these mushrooms come in the form of supplements, powders, and tinctures; you can easily consume them anytime and anywhere.

Types of Functional Mushrooms

The six popular mushroom types have been used for centuries due to their ability to heal. Each mushroom is slightly different from the other in nutritional profile and provides a unique health benefit. 

Lion's mane: 

These white color furry mushrooms are known for their anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Due to their anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, Lion’s mane mushrooms influence the brain positively and help reduce stress and anxiety. Also, Lion’s mane mushrooms are highly rich in vitamin B, zinc, potassium, and iron, which helps in high metabolism, immune function, fluid balance, and red blood cell formation.

Tremella Mushrooms:

Tremella Mushrooms, also known as  “snow fungus,” are a great source of vitamin B, vitamin D, zinc, copper, calcium, and iron, supporting healthy immunity, bones, and blood cells. Due to the presence of these compounds, Tremella mushrooms are beneficial for the human body. 


Reishi mushroom is famed for overall well-being and longevity. Reishi contains vitamins E, C, and D, as well as B vitamins, which is beneficial for bodily inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, cancer, mood disorders, and liver disease. Also,  Reishi mushroom contains plant pigment beta carotene, which is popular for eye health. 


Chaga mushrooms look like raw turmeric with an orange color in appearance. Chaha mushroom is a great source of vitamin D, zinc, B vitamins, copper, beta-glucans, manganese, and potassium. Due to the presence of these nutrients, Chaga Mushroom works excellently as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and cholesterol-lowering agent. Plus, this mushroom is highly enriched with Oxalate, a naturally occurring plant compound that contains important antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients.


Cordyceps Mushrooms are known for respiratory health, blood sugar regulation, kidney disease, and overall bodily inflammation. As this, Cordyceps mushrooms are enriched in protein, vitamin K, and B vitamins, including B12, thiamin, and riboflavin. It will boost your immune system, energize you, and support healthy blood clotting. 

Turkey tail: 

Turkey tail is known for boosting the whole immune system across the board as an antioxidant and helps to reduce bodily inflammation. However, The turkey tail functional mushroom is high in beta-glucans, as well as vitamin D and B vitamins.

Benefits of Functional Mushrooms

Improved cognitive function: Some functional mushrooms help enhance cognitive features such as lion's mane. Lion's mane mushroom complements nerve boom and protects from nerve damage. 

Boosted immune system: Many Functional mushrooms are regarded for boosting the immune system, like reishi mushrooms, which increase the production of white blood cells and beef up the immune system. 

Reduced infection: Many Functional mushrooms, like chaga and turkey tail, have anti-inflammatory properties that could help to lessen irritation for the duration of the frame and help in arthritis, heart ailment, and cancer.

Increased energy tiers: Some functional mushrooms, including cordyceps, can help increase electricity tiers. Cordyceps functional mushroom consists of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), that is the primary source of energy and helps to break down meals and its conversion into strength. 

Improved temper: Some Functional mushrooms assist to growth the production of serotonin and dopamine, which lets in for regulating temper and release strain. For example, reishi mushrooms.

Reduced cancer chance: Some Functional mushrooms, such as chaga and turkey tail, can reduce cancer chance. They incorporate compounds that can assist to protect towards cancer mobile growth and spread.

Why Choose Functional Mushrooms From Dopeboo

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How Functional Mushrooms Work 

Some functional mushrooms can help the body combat sickness and infection by enhancing the growth t of immune cells. Furthermore, a few functional mushrooms contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory traits that may assist in preventing cellular damage and guide overall health.

However, according to research, some functional mushrooms provide special cognitive characteristics and neurological fitness advantages. For example, Lion's mane mushroom is renowned for enhancing reminiscence and protecting against neurodegenerative issues such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Alternatively, the Chaga mushroom has been known for its ability to help the immune system work properly and combat most cancer cells in the body.

Functional Mushrooms FAQs

Are functional mushrooms safe?

Yes, functional mushrooms are safe to take and have several benefits. But if you take more than a moderate amount, you may experience side effects such as bloating, gas, dizziness, and headache. It is suggested to start with a small dose at the initial stage; you can increase the dose gradually as per your need and preference.

Who should not take functional mushrooms?

While functional mushrooms are generally safe to consume, pregnant / breastfeeding women should avoid taking these mushrooms. Also, people with compromised immune systems and people taking medication should avoid taking functional mushrooms.

How long does it take for functional mushrooms to work?

Functional mushrooms take at least two to three weeks for a noticeable effect. This is because functional mushrooms work gradually, building up in the body, which takes a bit longer. Also, effects may differ from person to person, depending on a person's weight and tolerance level.

Can you take too many functional mushrooms?

It is not considered to take too many functional mushrooms. Overdose may cause dizziness, headache, bloating, and gas. However, a good general rule of thumb is to start with a low dose and gradually increase it as tolerated.

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