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The 4 Best Homemade Bongs & How to Make Them

by Dopeboo Staff 09 Jan 2024
The 4 Best Homemade Bongs & How to Make Them

Do you want to smoke but forgot your bong at a friend’s house? Maybe you haven’t got round to buying one yet, or you might just be feeling creative. Whatever the case, you want to make your own. Step in the homemade bong!

How do you make one? Is it easy? 

Yes! A  DIY bong is simple to put together with basic items around your home. Every stoner should possess the skills to conjure up this smoking tool kit essential—at least to impress fellow tokers!  For the best experience, you can shop our best selling bongs.

Join us on a creative journey as we discuss how to make a homemade bong. Discover what parts you need and the four best methods to use. By the end of this article, you’ll be eager to make your first homemade bong and light up to enjoy your efforts.

What Makes a Good DIY Bong?

A good  homemade bong is made with the right tools. Avoid using plastic or metal as your bowl—aluminum and plastic-based fumes are harmful. If you’re considering how to make a bong with fruit, ensure the food is fresh. 

Stick to the rule: If you wouldn't eat it, don’t smoke out of it. 

Rotting or moldy fruits fall apart easily and can badly affect the aroma while you puff. We share a few of our favorite foods to make bongs with below.

The Essentials: Parts of a Homemade Bong

Before you learn how to make homemade bongs, you need to understand  how a bong works. Then learn about the parts that help them function. There are five main elements to a bong:

  • Tube: This piece is where the smoke rises into your mouth. Some tokers call it the neck. 
  • Base: The water goes here.
  • Carb or carburetor: This name might sound scientific, but it’s the hole on the side or back where you place your finger to control airflow.
  • Bowl: You pack your favorite weed into this.
  • Downstem: This pipe is thinner and connects the bowl to the rest of your home made bong. The smoke travels from here into the base and up through the tube. 

  • The 4 Best DIY Bongs

    You know which bits you need for your homemade bong—now it’s time to find some inspiration. Below, we share the four best ideas to help you get creative and tell you how to make them.

    1. The Fruit Bong

    types of bongs

    DIY bong made with fruit or veg is a classic among stoners. Some of the best foods to use for this method include apples, carrots, potatoes, and melons. Feel free to try any other, though—as long as it’s fresh. 

    This method is cheap and easy, only asking for fruit or veg and a pencil. Follow these steps on how to make a homemade bong with an apple:

    1. Remove the stem from a ripe apple by sticking the pencil through the top until it reaches the center. This forms the downstem and bowl. 
    2. Now, stick a hole in the side until it meets the other in the middle, creating the carburetor.
    3. Finally, make a third hole in the front of the apple to meet the other two and form the tube. Your apple DIY bong is ready to use!

    2. The Bottle Bong

    Perhaps  the most famous version of a homemade water bong is the bottle variety. It’s great for recycling, too! You only need a capless plastic bottle (the larger the vessel, the bigger hit), a pen, and some foil. For those looking for a convenient alternative, explore our water pipe products at dopeeboo to elevate your smoking experience

    Here’s  how to make a bong with a bottle:

    1. Fill your plastic bottle ¼ with water. 
    2. Take your pen and make a small hole a centimeter or two below the bottleneck to make the carb.
    3. Add another hole a little above the waterline for your downstem. Place an existing pipe here if you have one, or make your own and angle it into the water. For a makeshift downstem, use any small tube—like a hollowed-out pen—with a piece of foil folded over the top. 
    4. Now, it’s time to light up and enjoy as you suck through the opening at the top of the plastic bottle.

    3. The Tic Tac Bong

    This tiny homemade bong is ideal for keeping in your drawer for a quick hit. We show you how to make a tic tac version, but you can use any similar recipient—even an empty Pringles box! You need scissors for this one, as a pen won’t cut through the plastic.

    1. Make a small hole near the base to put your downstem. If you don’t have one, use the suggestion in the bottle bong instructions.
    2. Add a second hole toward the top to act as the carburetor.
    3. Fill the tiny homemade bong with water—only enough to cover the edge of the downstem.
    4. The existing hole at the top of the tic tac box acts as the tube. Simply light up and inhale.

    4. The Gravity Bong

    gravityThis  DIY Gravity bong is a cool scientific way to enjoy a smoke. Gather a plastic bottle, scissors, a needle or toothpick, aluminum foil, and a container larger than the bottle. Now, put it together with these steps:

    1. Cut the bottom third off your plastic bottle—you don’t need this.
    2. Discard the bottle cap and cover the mouthpiece with the foil. Poke tiny holes with the needle or toothpick to allow the smoke to travel through the bottle.
    3. Fill your other container with water and sink the bottle into it.
    4. Sprinkle ground cannabis onto the foil, being careful it doesn’t spill.
    5. Light your weed and slowly raise the bottle, causing it to fill with smoke. Keep the flame on your cannabis as you lift. 
    6. When the bottle is almost out of the water and full of smoke, take the foil off. Put your mouth over the hole and inhale. Slowly push it back down as you suck to force the smoke into your lungs. If you can’t inhale it all at once, stop and put your hand over the hole until you’re ready for more. 
    Alternatively, you can buy a bong from any online head shop.

    Light Up, Enjoy the Hit, and Relax

    Making a  homemade bong is easy and can save you when you’ve lost yours or run out of papers. Hopefully, we’ve sparked your imagination to create your own. Remember, only use fresh foods and avoid plastics or metals in the bowl.

    Choose from our tips above or find another item around your house. You can use almost anything with a bit of creativity and patience. Share our  DIY bong-making tips with friends, and we’re sure they’ll be inviting you over for a smoke soon to say thanks.


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