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Dabs vs. Flower, Which is Better for You?

by Bobbi M 06 Sep 2021
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For the marijuana lover, now is the time to be alive! Many states of the USA have legalized cannabis, and in others, it is now legal not only to have some on your person but also to grow your own plants. But there’s another reason why marijuana consumption is more mainstream than ever: vaping. The massive rise in vaping products and interest in vaping has had a powerful impact on the cannabis industry as well.

Now, when you are starting into this world, it can get confusing and overwhelming. That's what we're going to clarify here for you.  So the basics usually consist of rolling and smoking a joint but the newer option is to incorporate vaping into your cannabis smoke.

And again, here too there's a couple of steps or options to consider - flower vs. dabbing.  Wait!  Don't bounce off the page yet......we're going to make it all clear as can be with just a few minute keep going!

Let’s start by looking at the world of dabs! Many still enjoy a joint – and why not – but for many people, a dab pen is the way to go. What are dabs, and how do they compare to marijuana flowers? We're going to look at this now and we hope to explain which method is better for you and why.

What are Dabs?

What are dabs

Dabs are convenient, easy to use and increasingly popular. Dabs are concentrated cannabis extract and come in forms known as shatter, wax and crumble. They can be very high in THC – the psychoactive element of the plant – with some offering as much as 90%. Dabs are used with a dab pen – a vaping device that may or may not look be pen-shaped, but that is so named because the early ones were – or the less portable dab rig, which is akin to a bong.

What is Marijuana Flower?

Marijuana flower is cannabis, as you most likely know it. There are many strains of cannabis offering different levels of THC, usually between 15% to 25%, making flower far less potent than a most dabs. Flower is usually smoked in a joint or with a bong. And with any decent bong or better, you'll find that the hits and effectiveness are better than in a rolled joint. And don't forget, that many vape devices can also handle flowers! For those with a traditional, classic bent,  you'll find that they favor the flower over dabs.

Dabs vs Flower - Which is Safest?

The rising popularity of dab pens leads to the question: is dabbing safe? Some users who grow their weed perform DIY extraction. This involves an open hear source and can be dangerous. Buying concentrate from a licensed retailer is the safest way. Dabbing is no less safe than smoking a joint but does not come with the problems that smoking does – namely, the carcinogens.

The presence of burning causes these harmful elements. There is no flame involved with a vape device, so that area of health concern is removed. The conclusion is that dabbing is safer in health terms. There is no tar and no carcinogens with dabbing, but there certainly is when smoking flowers. 

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Dabs vs Flower – Which is More Potent?

When you burn your flower, you produce an intake that includes around 12% cannabinoids – these being the elements of the plant that produce the high effect most people are looking for. When you vape a dab concentrate, the vape cloud is as much as 95% cannabinoids. The simple fact is the dab produces a far more potent cloud, and as we have already mentioned, contains far higher levels of THC. 

Dabs vs Flower – Flavor Comparison 

As for flavor, if you are smoking a joint where cannabis is legal, you have already lost a lot of the flavor through the act of burning. The cannabis plant contains elements known as terpenes. These are primarily in providing flavor. When you light your joint, you immediately destroy some of these important flavor providers.

Some makers re-introduce terpenes after extraction for greater flavor. With a dab pen or rig, these terpenes remain, and you get the full taste and effects. Buy quality concentrate, and you are getting the best flavor and avoiding the taste of smoke that comes with a joint. 

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Dabs vs Flower – Ease of Use

The act of rolling a joint is a ritual for many who enjoy cannabis, and thats fair enough. However, no matter how expert you are, it is a messy and wasteful routine. Its also become far from socially acceptable in many places to smoke -whether tobacco or otherwise – whereas vaping has taken on a trendy association of late. Dabbing is far simpler: all you do is press the button a few times, and youre ready to produce a cloud.

Dabs vs Flower – Discretion

smoking cloud

Neither dabbing nor smoking a joint are particularly discrete acts. Both produce a visible cloud – one of actual smoke, the other is simply vapor – and its always polite to ask those in your company if they mind you smoking or vaping. Also, its illegal to smoke joints in most public places, and that is also true for vaping as well in many places.  So be aware and check for signs!  ;)

However, a dab pen is usually a compact device that will easily drop into a purse or pocket for use as and when, and while joints are not necessarily sizeable, they are instantly noticeable. For public consumption, we reckon the dab pen is a better option and is becoming the way to go for many who enjoy ingesting marijuana.


Dabs vs Flower – Final Words

All said and done, the choice of dabbing versus smoking comes down to the individual and maybe the circumstances. For example, if someone doesnt allow smoking in their home but is open to vaping, you have only one choice unless you smoke outside. Vaping is the more socially acceptable method these days, although smoking remains preferred for many users who have yet to move away from tradition.  

The title of this article poses a question: dabs and flower, which is best for you? In terms of health, the simple fact is that dabbing is far safer. The very act of smoking is known to cause lung problems and also can lead to cancer. As there is no flame involved in vaping, it is instantly less dangerous.

Dabs also offer greater potency and more flavor than a traditional joint, but the added THC content is too high for many users. This is why there is still a large proportion of users who enjoy the traditional joint. The choice is yours, and we recommend that if you havent tried, you give dabbing a go and see what its all about.  

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