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6 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Vape Coil

by Bobbi M 02 Dec 2021
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So your coil is holding up the show, and you're not considering any other alternatives. Indeed vape coils are just like your favorite actor in that they require time to recharge their energy levels after a gruesome performance. Therefore, you mustn’t neglect them when it comes time for replacement because there's one unique fact about coils. They don't last forever.

Depending on your vaping habits and the duration of your sessions, your coils may only last about two weeks on average before they require changing. As the time to replace a coil draws close, you'll notice signs of damage.  It's important to make sure that your vape products are well cared for and the coils are one of the most important parts.

Usually, these signs will begin as the vapor starts tasting burnt, among several others. You may have the newest and latest vaping kit and the highest quality e-liquid. But if your coil is out of order, you won't get the best performance from your entire vaping setup.

To further explain why you need to replace your vape coil, here are six reasons.

1.  Limited Vapor Production

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As you use your vaporizer, the coil is fired and heated to create a flow of vapors. The more usage it gets, the less heating it will generate over time, which means you'll get reduced vapor with each pull on your vape pen.

So if you notice diminished vapor production over time or even see discoloration in coils after only two weeks - guess what? It might just be time to try something different like the cotton candy puff bar disposable vape. Mesh coils are great because they can make for much denser clouds than traditional ones but have higher burnout rates due to their high operating temperatures. So keep an eye out by checking regularly and replacing when necessary.


2.  Reduction in E-juice Flavor

Apart from reducing vapor production, a decreasing e-liquid flavor indicates that it's time to replace your coil. Swapping out coils for each type of juice will fix this problem too. Dropping flavors is one of the side effects of using old coils, and changing juices can also cause them to mix.

For example, imagine you vaped an apple with honey e-juice but suddenly noticed your vapor smelled like caramel. If you dislike the idea of mixed tastes, it's advisable to change your vaping habits or buy tanks for specific types of liquid (e.g., dessert, candy, etc.)


3.  Vape Tastes Burnt


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The burnt coil is usually a coil that's long overdue for replacement. Therefore, this sign is often the most obvious sign of an issue with your device, and you should be sure that it's always changed if your vape starts tasting burnt. Otherwise, there are other common reasons for having such a bad experience.

For example, when you fail to adequately prime before first use or chain vaping. These issues will result in dry hits, which you most certainly want to avoid because nobody wants the awful experience of tasting something like burnt toast instead of a tasty flavor.


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4.  Leaky Vapes

Leaks in e-cigarettes signify that it's time to perform some routine maintenance for your vape device. If these leaks continue, they can potentially cause major problems in other parts of your vaporizer. Therefore, you want to address the issue as soon as possible.

Simply take apart the leaky coil from your e-cig or mod, so you know for sure what is causing this problem. Worn O-rings inside the tank or overfilling your tank with juice could also be the cause. Investigate yourself and decide the best cause of action to prevent further damage to your vaporizer.

5.  Gurgling Sound

A new tank is not always the best solution to a gurgling sound. So what causes your vape device to make that annoying, constant "gurgle" noise? If you're vaping with an old coil or have changed tanks but still hear it, maybe something else is causing all of those bubbles.

Gurgles are often caused by water build-up in the center tube or oil coils making more noise than they should. Thus, you can easily fix it without buying another expensive part for your vaporizer.

 6.  Vaping Frequency Reduces



Vape coils are not the most durable of components. If you vape a lot, your coil may only last 5-7 days. And if you're an occasional vaper, you may have little to no experience in changing them out yourself, but they would only last about three weeks or less.

Thankfully, several signs show when it needs replacing. For those looking into upgrading their mod from a fixed voltage (which is more expensive upfront but saves on replacement costs) - look for one with variable voltage. As long as it's kept at lower settings, the wear will be slower too.


No two vapers are alike, so it's impossible to set a fixed schedule for coil changes. However, those who vape more frequently or with sweeter e-liquids need coils changed more often than those who don't. Generally speaking, it's tempting to put off changing it, but eventually, some of these signs will speak volumes.

Don't let this happen to yourself, and don't ignore these signs that your coil needs to be replaced. Instead of waiting until this happens, take preventive steps because not only are those symptoms annoying. But they also could help save your favorite juice flavoring for future use.



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