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No Flavor from Your Vapes? Here’s What to Do

by Dopeboo Staff 23 Jan 2024
No Flavor from Your Vapes? Here’s What to Do

There are several reasons why you may stop getting flavor from your favorite vapes. Some of them have to do with equipment issues, while the most common is the so-called vaper’s tongue. That’s a temporary condition where you lose your ability to taste vape juices.

So, before panicking or throwing away your best salt nic juice, take all the steps below to identify and fix the problem and keep enjoying your vaping.

Make Sure Your E-Liquid Is Suitable for Your Gear

It may sound surprising, but not every e-juice is suitable for every piece of vaping gear. That’s why it’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions. If you pretend they don’t exist, you might be making a mistake that costs you your favorite flavors.

Perhaps the nic salt you just bought doesn’t go well with your gear’s coil. Replacing them might bring the flavor back. So, check the instructions for both your equipment and the e-liquid you’re currently using.

Adjust the Wattage

Adjusting the wattage on your vaping device can be another solution to your MIA flavor. That also has to do with the compatibility of your gear and e-juice.

For instance, a particular e-juice might need a higher temperature to produce the flavor, so upping the wattage may solve the problem. So, play with the wattage settings to determine if that may be the issue.

However, this hack typically works when the flavor is disappearing from your vape. If there’s no flavor at all, something else might be the culprit.

Check the Battery

A vaping device’s battery is often the main reason why there’s no flavor from a vape. Just because your e-juice is producing big, thick clouds doesn’t mean that your battery is full or functioning optimally. It may lack the necessary power for your vape to release that mouth-watering flavor.

Check if the battery may need a recharge or a replacement, and you might fix the no-flavor problem in no time. If that doesn’t solve it, proceed to the next steps.

Clean Your Tank and Vape Coils

The more you vape, the more residue builds up in and around your vaping device’s atomizer, including the coils. Cleaning them will improve your overall vaping experience, as you’ll prevent dry-burns and taste a clean e-liquid flavor.

If you let the sticky residue accumulate, you’re also likely to experience a lack of e-juice flavor. That’s because the buildup can prevent the coils from reaching the right temperature for heating up the liquid, which then may not be able to release the flavor.

You can use warm water or isopropyl alcohol to clean the residue. Do it once a week if you vape regularly.

Steep Your E-Liquid

Steeping your e-liquid is another viable solution if there’s little to no flavor from your vape. It’s actually something you should do with every vape juice, as it enhances the flavor significantly.

How do you do it?

It’s like steeping tea to achieve better flavor.

The easiest way to do it is to store your vape juice in a cold, dark place and let it sit for 2-3 weeks. During that time,  shake the bottle periodically to speed up the process.

Another way to go about it is to place your vape juice bottle in a sealed bag and put it in a container filled with warm water. Once the water cools, take out the bottle and shake it well. The flavor should be far richer.


Vape flavor

Get Rid of Vaper’s Tongue

If none of these steps uncover the cause of your flavor loss, then you probably have the vaper’s tongue. There’s no reason to worry because it’s nothing serious, and it’s only temporary.

But how to get rid of it?

One way is to switch to another e-juice flavor because your taste buds may have had too much of a particular e-liquid. That’s why vaper’s tongue is also known as vaper’s fatigue. Your taste buds check out for a while as a sign that you may need to slow down a bit.

The same can happen if you’re used to mixing lots of different flavors.  So, another solution can be to take a break from vaping for a couple of days to restore your taste.

It’s vital that you drink plenty of water because vaping regularly can dehydrate your body, causing moisture loss in your tongue as well. That’s because PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) in your e-liquid absorb water.

You can also use a mouthwash to cleanse your palate and reawaken your taste buds.



Tasting no flavor from your vapes can be frustrating, especially when you’re dying to try that new e-juice you just bought. Luckily, these quick solutions should help you restore the flavor in no time and let you get back to high-quality vaping.


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