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The 5 Must Have Smoking Essentials for Summer 2024

by Amanda Froelich 23 Jan 2024
The 5 Must Have Smoking Essentials for Summer 2024

That’s right, spring is in full swing!

No more Netflix hibernation or Vitamin D deficiencies ‘cause it is spring at last and that means summer is just around the corner! You fully intend to hit every music fest you can hitch a ride to, spend every lunch break outdoors, and beat  last year’s longest hike - - am I right? Us, too. If there’s anything this winter taught us, it’s that the we are all in need of a serious sunshine smoke sesh. So to help get this peace pipe party started we’ve put together a list of five Spring/Summer 2024 essentials for every type of enthusiast. Whether you’ll be enjoying some barbeque with a back porch breeze or listenin’ to Lana by the beach, we’ve got you covered.

All winter trapped indoors with an unbearable boss, you’d close your eyes and drift off to your safe place: a warm sandy beach with the sounds of water splashing, the sun’s rays baking the tension right out of your shoulders, and that fresh herbal aroma drifting through the air. Finally it’s the time of year when dreams become reality and, boy, do we have a beach bong for you! The ultra-flexible Roll-Uh-Bowl is certain to deliver a dank cloud between volleyball matches and beach reads. It’s just about impossible to break and easy to rid of sunscreen spills. When you’re ready to hit the road, just give it a dunk in the water and roll up the 100% Grade VI Silicone piece into a portable palm size to toss back in your beach bag!


2) The Overachiever: Helix Nano Straight Tube Bong

Helix Nano Straight Tube Bong

You’ve signed up for summer classes, found yourself an internship, and haven’t even taken spring finals yet. You expect a lot from yourself and nothing less from your pipe collection. There’s no time for getting lost “in-da-couch” with an over the top triple perc piece--it’s important that your perfect pipe land in the crosshairs of precise and professional. For you we’ve chosen a low-maintenance piece of glass that screams more “modern engineering” than “burnout”: the Helix Nano Straight Tube Bong. Crafted with Grav Labs’ signature Helix mouthpiece, this smoke-swirling pipe boasts a powerful delivery with minimalist elegance. This piece will give you a quick shift into summer relaxation just as soon as your extracurriculars are complete.


3) The Wanderer: Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe

You hit the grind till the weather warms and now you’ve lined up a couch to surf in every city. You just can't count on legal concentrates in some of the states on your list so dry herb compatibility is as key as portability for the wanderlust type. We recommend 7Pipes’ impressive Twisty Glass Blunt. This travel-ready piece is perfectly pocket-sized, crafted from durable German Schott glass, and holds up to two grams of ground material. Simply take a pull then twist a bit to dump the ash and allow fresh herbs to rise to the top. This pipe also uses 7Pipes’ Cool Pull Technology that allows the smoke to cool in its trip down the compact spiral path for unrivaled temperature reduction for such a small piece. Connoisseurs will find it comparable to the ever-popular Bud Bomb, but doesn’t overheat like Bud Bomb’s chrome construction, holds more herb, and doesn’t need to be reloaded as often.

4) The Festival Fiend: DankStop Glycerin Coil & Inline Perc Bong

Street fests, music fests, you know the drill. This is what we live for — the time of year when the weather’s warm and festival fashion is in full swing. But your style? It shines through in your impressive pipe collection. Your backseat bong and in-the-crowd stealth pipes … who knows, maybe they’ll even land you a backstage pass. For you, we put our DopeBoo stamp of approval on DankStop’s eye-catching Glycerin Coil & Inline Perc Water Pipe. Get the conversation percolating by keeping the removable coil chilling in the cooler full of brews until you’re ready to pop it on the base. This makes for an icy-cool hit sure to lower your body temp after all that dancing under the sun. This pipe works with both concentrates and dry flowers, just opt between a male nail or classic bowl attachment according to your personal preference. 

5) The Active Type: Storz & Bickel Crafty (dry herb) & PAX 3 Complete Kit (concentrates)

We don’t need a cutsie nickname for these guys. Sometimes we are them, and sometimes we hate them. We do know that no one wants to be caught unprepared when the inspiration to get moving hits. For those on-the-go and the body conscious, we’ve opted for a portable vaporizer that can easily go from the intense fun of the 420 Games to a more laid back cycling sesh. Many vape enthusiasts swear that vapor won’t give you that same laggy feeling of smoke’s byproducts so you can keep your energy level at its max all day long. For all you movers and shakers, we declare the Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer yourSpring-Summer soulmate. For oil concentrate fans, we recommend a PAX 3 Complete Kit as alternative -- as always, just make sure it suits your preferred cartridge size. Both of these vaporizers have a USB adapter that will allow you to charge while out and about with the same back-up battery you already carry around for your smartphone.


As you can see, there are quite a number of essentials to get excited about this spring and summer ranging from recyclers to vapes. If you’re looking to get even further prepared, you may consider some of this year’s top odor-proof backpacks to tote around your new pieces without worry. Now all that’s left to do is start googling those beach body workouts to get fit for summer and begin digging out your flip-flops that have been buried under winter boots in the back of the closet!

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