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Review: Furna Dry Herb & Concentrate Vape

by Bobbi M 24 May 2021
Review: Furna Dry Herb & Concentrate Vape

What is a Furna Dry Herb Vape?

Looking for something a little more portable? Want to be able to smoke your green without needing to roll it or use a glass piece? Simply want a stylish and high-tech way to smoke your herb and concentrate? Well, you came to the right place. The Furna dry herb and concentrate vaporizer is a sleek and beautiful device made to deliver the perfect balance of taste and effect. The small black rectangular vape has a slime center piece that slides up and down allowing you to eject and insert your ovens easily.

The vape also has a built in feature that allows you to store your ovens in the vape upside down, mitigating any of that pesky smell if you are leaving it in confined spaces for long periods of time. Furna vapes come with adjustable temperature settings up to 420*F (I mean, its not like they could have stopped at 410 right?) and their newer models have a boost setting allowing you to get the temperature up to 440*F for a little more kick. We will get into the temperature settings and our recommendations a little bit later.

What Does a Furna Vaporizer Come With?

We should lead off by saying, the Furna vaporizer comes in some of the best packaging that we have seen. The Furna vaporizer comes with two dry herb ovens, however you can order extra dry herb ovens and concentrate ovens easily. The ovens are loadable with a capacity that can hold about 0.2 - 0.3g of dry herb at a time (for optimal use). Each oven has a twist off cap and the device comes with a small knife and brush made for cleaning the insides of the oven. The oven design and usability is one of the best we have seen here at Dopeboo, extremely easy to pack, unload, clean, and repack.

Furna vaporizers also come with an attachable funnel that sits over the top of the oven allowing you to pack the oven extremely quickly. Oh, did we mention the small knife for cleaning is also a wax knife? Well, even if we didn't that knife can also be used to pack your dry herb down as it fits perfectly through the funnel. Like we said, the packaging and items inside of a Furna vape box is just absolutely stunning. The design and usability of every item in the box is incredibly well thought out and makes for great smoking experiences.

So in summary, once you open the Furna box you'll have: two dry herb ovens, a brush, a wax knife and packing tool, a funnel that fits over your dry herb ovens, a small keychain pouch that can store one oven, as well as a charger and the Furna vaporizer itself.

So It Sounds Great, But How Do I Use It?

Well, we are so glad you asked because we have definitely done our best to figure out the best way to use the Furna vaporizer.

Right off the bat, open your two Furna dry herb ovens and place the funnel over top. The funnel is designed to lock around the oven so that way all of your herb is loaded directly into the oven. We recommend pouring enough herb into the funnel so that it fills just up to the sloped portion. Using the wax knife pack it down lightly, pack it so that way it is still a little bouncy. Overly packing the oven could lead to just burning your herb with no airflow.

Once you have your Furna oven (or three) packed, place the oven right side up into the vaporizer until the center piece slides back down into the device. Tapping the side button five times will pop up a little "HELLO" message

Using the button on the bottom of the Furna vaporizer will allow you to set your temperature and battery preferences. We recommend setting your vape to the maximum temperature, lower temperatures will deliver a better taste, however for full "effect" max temp is your best bet.

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Concentrates and Wax

We would be remiss if we did not comment on the Furna concentrate ovens. After using them with both wax and shatter, we can confidently say that anyone used to cartridges and disposable cannabis vapes will love the Furna vaporizer. The battery provides plenty of voltage to melt your wax, and delivers plenty of clouds and an amazing high.

Similarly to the Furna dry herb ovens, the concentrate ovens require some patience when packing, as over packing can lead to them becoming sticky and pulling apart. However, their ability to come apart easily also makes them the easiest ovens on the market to clean out after every use. The oven longevity the Furna provides is one of our favorite parts, with all the disposable and new devices we here at Dopeboo really appreciate a company looking out for the every day stoners needs.

If you are looking for a device that can heat both cannabis and concentrate look no further, this is the vaporizer for you.

Furna Vaporizer Review

Pros and Cons of the Furna Vaporizer


  • Exceptionally easy to use and clean
  • Compact and relatively smell proof
  • Fantastic head high and taste from your cannabis
  • Comes with everything you need to get started and stay baking
  • Easily use concentrate and dry herb in the same device


  • The ovens can come apart relatively easily by design, however can make for some challenges when cleaning or packing
  • Lower temperatures mainly exist for flavor and will not produce clouds
  • Long charging times
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