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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer vs. Classic Volcano: Is the Hybrid Worth It?

by Bobbi M 22 May 2021
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer vs. Classic Volcano: Is the Hybrid Worth It?

The Volcano Classic hit the markets in 2000 and was a revolutionary vaporizer. Technology has changed over the years, and many vaporizers now dot the market with better features. But few brands even come close to beating the success of the Volcano Classic.

The makers of Volcano Classic, Storz & Bickel (one of our best selling lines), have also improved their flagship product. In 2019, they introduced an improved version, the Volcano Hybrid. It comes with enhanced performance and better functionality.

But how different is the Hybrid? Does it measure up to its predecessor? Well, before you discard your old vaporizer for its newer version, let's take a little time here and do a detailed Volcano Hybrid Review and compare it with the older version.  Ready to get started?

You’d expect the newer version to be far superior and better when compared to its predecessor, the Volcano Classic, but that is not necessarily the case. You’ve seen cases where a newer version of a product fails to follow its predecessor's success path. So, let’s look at how the two compare before concluding.


Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid Review

Volcano Hybrid Review: How The Hybrid Compares to the Classic Volcano

1.    Appearance and Quality

The Volcano Classic and Hybrid are just different versions of the same product. To the unkeen eye, they look and feel very much the same. While the Hybrid maintains its predecessor's iconic silver color, there is a glaring difference in their look and feel.

You can tell the difference in the control unit or buttons. The Classic comes with simple/ analogue buttons and knobs or control unit, while the Hybrid has a digital display/ touchscreen and smooth buttons. You could say that the Hybrid is a digital version of the Classic.

The Hybrid also comes with an improved filling chamber, which has a locking system. If you have used to the Classic, you realize that it's filling chamber tended to comes off too easily. The Hybrid Filling Chamber fixes that problem as it locks tight with a simple turn and only comes off if you turn it.


2.    User-friendliness

The digital display and the touchscreen make the Hybrid more user-friendly. It is also easier to handle, making the vaping process much easier. Vaping with the Hybrid feels effortless due to its improved Filling Chamber and Double Helix Heating Coil. This is not to dismiss the Classic as an outdated vape device, far from it. It’s only that vaping feels more intuitive with the Volcano Hybrid.

Vape Review

To add to the improvements, the Volcano Hybrid comes packed with a Bluetooth connection! Not many people use Bluetooth anymore, and you might be wondering why you need it anyway while you have the device in front of you when vaping. You are right, but Bluetooth enables you to connect your device with the Storz & Bickel Smartphone app and operate it remotely. You can use this to customize temperature settings, brightness, shutoff timer, and phone alerts.

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3.    Performance

The Volcano Classic uses convection heating, which is popular because it is efficient and produces quality taste. But Storz & Bickel have added conduction heat to the Hybrid, giving the Hybrid Volcano the advantage of the two heating systems.

The Double Helix Heat Exchanger in the Hybrid also gives it an advantage in heating time. It delivers convection heat at twice the speed of the Classic, reducing the waiting time by half. If you are in a hurry, you just might find that this feature is a huge hit with you!  (play on words intended....) While the Classic takes 1 to 3 minutes to achieve optimum temperatures, the Hybrid does it in a record time of 40 seconds!

The Classic holds up in terms of vapor production, but the Hybrid isn’t any different. It maintains the strengths of its predecessor and improves on its weaknesses. So, the two perform equally in flavor production and cloud density. The Hybrid gives an equally cool, smooth, clean, flavorful, and highly dense vapor.

The Hybrid also comes with a higher temperature range. The Classic can only go as low as 130°C (266°F), but the Hybrid reaches a minimum of 40°C (104°F). But why is this important? Well, it unlocks the effects of aromatic herbs and oils.


4.    Vaping Experience

One of the most significant improvements in the Hybrid is the vaping experience.  For some, the Classic only blows bags, which changes in the Hybrid. It has a whip that spins at the top, making sharing easy. The whip doesn’t fall off, as is the case with the Classic because its Filling Chamber rotates at the base.

The new Volcano also comes with a Tube Kit, which provides two delivery systems in one. This gives the Hybrid a different vaping experience. The Classic comes with the Easy Valve Balloon, which provides shorter vaping sessions, and you have to pose between sessions.

The Hybrid’s Tube Kit enables continuous vaping sessions. With the Classic, you have to wait for the balloon to fill up and draw the filling chamber. If you have the Hybrid, just connect the tube, and you are good to puff. It also provides minimal draw resistance.

Final Thought!

The question on your mind might be, do you replace your familiar Volcano Classic with the new Volcano Hybrid? It’s a difficult decision to make because both devices are good. But as you can see, the Hybrid is superior in many ways, especially in terms of ease-of-use and performance.

The final decision may be affected by the price. The Hybrid is a bit pricey when compared to the Classic. It costs a couple hundred more (depending on where you get it), but like many companies, it's likely that the Classic will be harder and harder to find accessories and parts for with time. 

So if you haven't gotten a Volcano yet, the Hybrid is the best play and if you have the Classic but are thinking of upgrading to the newer model, well, you can wait or splurge now and get yourself a treat! 

You deserve one don't you? ;)



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