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Rapid Review: Boo Glass Upright Bubbler

by Julia Abney 14 Oct 2018
Rapid Review: Boo Glass Upright Bubbler-DopeBoo

Looking for the perfect gift for your 4/20 friend? Look no further than this Upright Bubbler with a colored perc. Perfect for smokers of all types, from spoon pipe users to bong lovers, vapers to dab rig enthusiasts, this upright bubbler will satisfy the herbal needs of any flower fan, especially those who like two-for-one deals.

Long known as a happy medium between tiny hand pipes and giant bongs, bubblers are the jack of all trades in the herbal world.

This little bubbler is perfect for those living in tiny spaces who don’t want a monstrosity of a water pipe taking up their entire living room. Its beautiful percolators, available in either clear, blue or green glass, are both aesthetically stunning and useful too. For a deep dive into this bubbler, check out our review below.

9.5 in. x 3 in.

Borosilicate Glass

Thick Base
Reti Perc
Dewar’s Joint
Bent Neck
Flared Mouthpiece

Color Options:
Clear, Green, Blue


At first glance:

This might look like a tiny bong, but it’s not. An upright bubbler, this water pipe is a hand pipe with water diffusion to help filter your smoke. The bowl is also on the top of this bubbler, unlike a bong where you might find it on the side at a 45 or 90 degree angle. What’s also different is that this is truly a hand pipe: keep it in the palm of your hand and walk around the house with this thing, if you so choose. It’s also perfect to rest on your nightstand or coffee table, as the thick borosilicate glass base keeps it stable, unlike most bubblers that aren’t upright and have a tendency to tip over and break.

A male glass slide bowl is made with frosted glass to help keep the bowl nice and snug, and the smoke travels directly downwards into a beautiful Reti perc that filters your smoke before you inhale. The bent mouthpiece is reinforced with a Dewar’s joint that makes this pipe sturdier than most.

Boo Glass Upright Bubbler Base View

The percolation factor:

If you’re anything like us at Dope Boo, you’re a bit of a perc fanatic. If that’s the case, then this is the hand pipe for you. A crystal cut Reti perc features two pieces of crystal cut glass inside that filter the smoke as it travels down through the water. Looking more like a fancy whiskey glass than a smoke filter, this dual percolator also pulls the smoke in opposite directions: with its opposing glass cuts, this Reti perc breaks up the smoke molecules into smooth, delicious pieces before it travels through the mouthpiece.

This beautiful perc will give you bubbles so crazy you’ll swear that you’re in a fish tank! The roughest smoke will turn into milk with this Reti perc, and you don’t need to add much water to make the magic happen.

Add enough water to cover the entire percolator system if you want 100% diffusion. For those who like their smoke on the sharp and spicy side, add less water. For a nice treat, pour in chilled or ice water to cool down your smoke. Just don’t ever put your glass pipe in the freezer, it will crack due to the temperature change!

Boo Glass Upright Bubbler is jaw dropping

A neck to help your neck:

You’ll notice that this bubbler is all right angles until we reach the neck. It’s bent mouthpiece makes it easier to inhale, instead of craning your head over the bubbler to enjoy it, you can comfortably take a pull without twisting your neck at an awkward angle. Plus, the curvature of the pipe acts as a natural splashguard, saving you from some nasty bubbler water all over your face.

Duality of the Bubbler: We’ll let you in on a little secret. This water pipe is more than a bubbler--it also does double duty as a dab rig. All you need to do is switch out the male slide for a nail, and you’re set. While we wouldn’t recommend this for most pipes, this bubbler is perfect to use as a dab rig. Why? It’s small size means that the delicate vapor from a dab rig won’t become overly dispersed and weakened. So go ahead and get out that wax, even if you’re totally new to dabbing.

Durability of the Upright Bubbler:

This might look like just another water pipe, but some key features make this pipe much more durable than your standard fare. First off, we’re talking borosilicate glass throughout this pipe, which is the purest and most durable type of glass on the planet today. Should you throw it on the floor? No. Can this pipe withstand multiple sessions of heat and smoke? Absolutely.

Adding to the caliber materials used in this bubbler are the thick base and reinforced Dewar’s joint connecting the mouthpiece to the pipe’s base. Lastly, the elevated male slide bowl helps to direct heat away from the rest of the pipe, protecting the glass and the water from getting too hot. This is great especially for dabbing.

Boo Glass Upright Bubbler is super durable

Best use cases:

A bubbler is one of those all around pipes. Its small size makes it convenient for outings or to bring to a party, but its filtration power also makes it a nice staple to keep at home in your bedroom or living room. It’s good for a nice solo sesh at the end of the day or to pass around at your next pipe circle. If you pack this carefully, you can even take it on trips with you.

We would put this halfway between the strength of your standard spoon pipe and that of a larger bong (12” tall or more). Dragon rips? Not quite. But this little bubbler will deliver a far stronger hit than most hand pipes, and with delicious diffusion as well. Depending on your preference, this can be a great transition for those looking to up their smoking game from a spoon pipe but aren’t ready for a full-sized bong, or somebody who needs a simpler and smaller version of their beaker bong. The versatility of this hand pipe also makes it a fantastic gift for the pickiest of smokers.

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