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Healthiest way to smoke weed

by Dopeboo Staff 12 Jan 2023
Healthiest way to smoke weed

Cannabis or weed is as old as it gets. The origins of smoking cannabis date back to ancient civilizations in Central and South Asia. The plant has been cultivated for its psychoactive properties for thousands of years and was likely first used for this purpose by the nomadic steppe tribes of Central Asia, who likely learned about the plant's psychoactive properties through contact with the ancient Scythians. Cannabis was also used for medicinal and spiritual purposes in ancient civilizations in India and China, and it was mentioned in ancient texts such as the Vedas and the Huainanzi. The plant was later introduced to other parts of the world through trade and colonization, and it has been used for a variety of purposes, including recreational use, throughout history.

It is generally considered that the healthiest way to smoke weed is to use it in its non-combustion form, such as through vaporization or edibles. This is because the smoke from marijuana contains many of the same harmful chemicals as tobacco smoke, and can lead to respiratory problems and other health effects. If you do choose to smoke marijuana, there are a few things you can do to make it a safer experience:How to smoke a weed

Use A Vaporizer: 

A vaporizer heats marijuana to a temperature where the active ingredients are released, but the plant material does not burn, which can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that are inhaled.

Avoid Holding Smoke In Your Lungs: 

Holding smoke in your lungs can increase the amount of harmful chemicals that are absorbed into your body. Exhale as soon as you finish inhaling.

Avoid Smoking cannabis Around Children: 

Secondhand smoke from marijuana can be harmful to children, so it is important to smoke in an area where children are not present.

Use A Filtered Pipe Or Joint: 

Filters can help reduce the amount of harmful particles that are inhaled when smoking marijuana.

What Is The Cleanest Way To Smoke Weed?

This might sound like a tricky question. What is clean smoking weed anyway? Is it where you do not combust the weed or is it when you smoke cannabis without adultering it with tobacco or other mixing agents? Well, there are several ways to smoke weed that may be considered "cleaner" than others, here are a few:


Vaporizers heat cannabis to a temperature where the active compounds are released, but the plant material does not burn. This means that you inhale fewer harmful byproducts compared to smoking.


Dabbing involves heating a small amount of cannabis concentrate (such as wax, shatter, or oil) and inhaling the vapor. Dabbing can be a clean way to smoke cannabis because the concentrate is highly purified.

Smokeless Pipes: 

Smokeless pipes, also known as "one-hitters," allow you to take a single puff of weed without producing smoke. These pipes are small and portable, making them convenient for on-the-go use.


Edibles are another smoke-free option for consuming cannabis. You can find a wide range of edibles, including gummies, brownies, cookies, and more. Just be aware that edibles can take longer to take effect and the same effects can be much stronger than smoking flower or vaporizing.

It's worth noting that no method of consuming cannabis is completely risk-free. However, Vaporizers and Water Filtration Devices like Glass Bongs and Pipes are preferred as the safest way to smoke weed. The debate now rages between which is the ultimate safest way to smoke weed, Vaporizers or Bongs. Let’s take a look at their features and decide.

Dry Herb/Concentrate Vaporizer vs Bongs/Dab Rigs

Vaporizers and bongs are both devices that are used to smoke cannabis, but they work in different ways. Vaporizers heat cannabis to a temperature at which the active ingredients are released as a vapor, which can then be inhaled. Bongs, on the other hand, work by using water to filter and cool the smoke before it is inhaled.

There are a few key differences between vaporizers and bongs:

Health: Some people argue that vaporizers are healthier than bongs because they produce a vapor instead of smoke. Smoke is produced when a material is burned, and it can contain harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. Vapor, on the other hand, is produced by heating a substance without burning it, and it generally contains fewer harmful substances.

Efficiency: Vaporizers can be more efficient than bongs because they heat cannabis to a specific temperature, which releases the active ingredients as a vapor. Bongs, on the other hand, burn the cannabis, which can lead to the loss of some of the active ingredients in the smoke.

Discretion: Vaporizers are generally more discreet than bongs because they produce a vapor that is less noticeable than smoke. This can make them a good choice for people who want to consume cannabis in a more subtle way.

Ultimately, the choice between a vaporizer and a bong will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, and the right choice for you will depend on your individual situation.

Now that we have covered the cleanest way to smoke weed and the safest way to smoke weed, we should look at how to get the most out of your weed experience. 

  1. Grind your cannabis finely before using it. This will increase the surface area of the cannabis and make it more effective.
  2. Use a vaporizer. Vaporizers heat cannabis to a temperature that is hot enough to release the active ingredients, but not hot enough to burn the plant material. This can provide a more enjoyable and potent experience.
  3. Experiment with different strains and delivery methods. Different strains of cannabis can produce different effects, and some people may find that certain strains or delivery methods work better for them.
  4. Start low and go slow. It can be easy to over consume cannabis, especially if you are using a new product or delivery method. Start with a small dose and wait at least an hour before consuming more.
  5. Be mindful of your environment. Cannabis can affect everyone differently, and factors such as your surroundings and mood can play a role in your experience.
  6. Stay hydrated. Cannabis can dehydrate the body, so it's important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after consuming it.

That’s all folks. We wish you a safe and clean cannabis trip. Do let us know what you would like to read next.

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