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How To Smoke Out Of A Can?

by Dopeboo Staff 17 Jan 2023
How To Smoke Out Of A Can?

Weren’t the good old days precious when we used to hide in the basement and smoke weed? In those times, finding a decent flower was very difficult and we could hardly manage to have our hands on a  vaporizer or a bong. Our weed sessions consisted mostly of a banged-up bowl we could manage from a cousin or the  rolling papers. Then there were also times when we racked our brains and came up with innovative means such as tissue paper, apple pipe, and the like. Once such an ingenious hack was smoking weed using a soda can pipe and today, we shall check the viability of the same. 


How To Smoke Weed Out Of A Can?

You can turn a soda can into a DIY pipe in minutes with a couple of household items. To make the pipe, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  • Take a pull-tab 12 oz aluminum soda can or a larger tallboy style.

  • Ensure that your can is fully dry and clean.

  • Now make tiny holes in the middle of the side of the can using a pin or needle. A pen or a pencil can also serve as a viable hole poker. If you don’t have anything handy, then you can break the can’s tab in half and create an array of small holes using the sharp point. 

  • In this step, you will have to make a small indentation at one side by either tapping it gently on a hard surface or using your hands. Ideally, this indentation should be made on the opposite side of the can’s mouth since the smokables shall be placed on the opposite side of the hole you will smoke out of. 

  • Now, poke a pattern of holes using a sharp object over the indented basin. You don’t need to poke holes that are big in circumference. Your ultimate experience is going to be a good one if you make more holes in a grate-like pattern. 

  • Make a bigger hole on the can’s opposite side which will naturally be covered by your finger or thumb during the smoking session using a screwdriver or knife. This hole needs to be small enough for being fully covered by your thumb.

  • Remove the soda can tab by wiggling it back and forth until the attached metal weakens and breaks away. You need to be careful so that you don’t drop the tab accidentally into the can.

  • Next, you will have to heat the smoking area and its adjacent area on the can to condition the pipe. The main aim here is to vaporize the different chemicals that coat the interior of the can before lighting it up. Though there is no scientific evidence backing up this claim it is believed that doing this removes a big chunk of potentially hazardous materials which may get vaporized during the smoking process. A sandpaper or a hole poker can come to your rescue in this step. 

  • Now that you have understood how to make a can pipe, put your weed in the hollow on the small holes, hold your mouth next to the drinking hole and use your thumb to cover the carb. The bigger hole will be used as a carb and you can inhale the smoke building up inside through the opening at the top by releasing the carb. 

Making A Water Pipe:

To smoke out of a bong-style pipe or a  water pipe, you will require two 12 oz cans, one can opener, one piece of tape, a pair of scissors, some water and glass slide, or a trumpet mouthpiece. 

  • After you have assembled all the materials, rinse and dry the two cans and remove both ends of one and the top end of another using a can opener. This should be used normally as you would open a can of soup. 

  • You will now have a cylinder can with both its ends removed and another one with no top. The second one shall act as a base as you make a  bong like pipe.

  • Now bend in the sharp edges at the top of the soda can both of whose ends have been cut out. To ensure safety during this step, you can cover the edges using tape. On completion of the can pipe, you will place your mouth on this end.

  • Next, poke a hole at the side of the soda can having a base. This hole shall have to be poked at the side and need to be big enough to fit your glass slide or trumpet mouthpiece. 

  • Now attach the mouthpiece to ensure a snug fit.

  • Attach the cylinder with tape on top of the base can to form a full chamber of the water pipe. 

  • Now fill in water so that the mouthpiece stem stays slightly submerged.

  • Finally, fill the mouthpiece with what you are planning on smoking. 

  • Remove the mouthpiece when the chamber fills with smoke.

Loopholes Of Smoking Out Of A Can Bong:

The aluminum construction of the can might induce flu-like symptoms and other types of respiratory illnesses by being inhaled in dust form. Though such chances are marginal, there still exists a thin possibility of succumbing to such health problems. The inner lining of the soda cans is made of polymers which are infamous for containing carcinogenic BPAs. The outside paint also contains hazardous plastic compounds. Various studies have also hinted at the detrimental effect of inhaling plastic fumes on our pulmonary function. If you nurture a knack for trying out different science experiments, then you can take a few hits from a soda can pipe. However, it isn’t advisable to turn this into a regular habit. 


Conclusion: How To Make A Can Pipe?

Weed smokers always need to have a few tricks up their sleeves if they wish to light up some weed but don’t have an adequate tool for that. Though smoking from a soda can isn’t desirable, it can have your back if you have run out of rolling paper or are out camping. 

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