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Autumn Essentials for the 420 Lifestyle

by Lulu Collins 26 Sep 2017
Autumn Essentials for the 420 Lifestyle

Aah, there’s no season quite so serene as fall. Before Christmas chaos and holiday hype sends us into a state of mass madness, let’s all savor the crackling calmness of sweater weather bonfires, Halloween humor, and pumpkin-effing-everything. The first official day of fall hits September 22nd with the famous Autumnal Equinox, and we just can’t wait! See ya summer, it’s time to cozy up for fall.

Here are five of our top tips and tricks to enhance the autumnal Zen this season:

Cozy Up on the Couch with BAE and BAE #2: Your Favorite Pipe or Vape!

#1 Cold Season Boost

There is one downside to the seasonal shift into fall --the annual cold or flu -- but in our opinion it’s really all in how you look at it. If the sniffles have struck and your throat isn’t up for your usual smoking rituals, we’ve got one awesome tip to make your time off work a blissful day getting extra comfy buried in blankets on the couch; more about catching up on all the new fall episodes of your favorite shows than rolling around in woe.

There are two excellent options for circumventing cold symptoms as an herbal enthusiast: vapor and the hot water bong. Vapor seems to be the answer for everything from less invasive consumption to discretion these days which make nostalgic classics like the Volcano all the more appropriate for fall.

Our second trick you surprisingly don’t see often for how luxurious and free it is. We’re talking about the spa-level effects of hot water in your favorite pipe that makes for a soothingly steamy warm-vapor feel, like taking a whiff of hot tea. Boo recommends a personal sized water pipe that won’t push it too far--save your oversized 20-incher for when you’re feeling better. Following up any ingestion with healing hot tea is never a bad idea either.

How to Have A 420-Friendly Fall 2018

#2 Fall Adventure Portables

As the air turns crisp with the scent of falling leaves, it’s all about pumpkin patches, apple picking (and hot apple cider!), trick-or-treating, and the year’s final bonfire s’mores. These outdoor adventures call for the perfect portable to enhance your autumn experience. If you plan on heading out and about, we recommend the PAX 3 for vapor enthusiasts -- you’ve probably spotted this device in the hands of some of your favorite tv characters by now. Those who prefer a portable glass piece might consider the travel-ready taster from Jane West’s trending Grav Labs collab. Its quality borosilicate construction is designed to meet all your pocket-sized needs, while the one of a kind cobalt blue hue will have your friends oohing and aahing the whole hayride through.

Plus, a lot of us will be switching to an all-vapor regimen come winter with its sealed windows and too-cold temps, so this season just might be your last chance to enjoy a good old fashion smoke sesh until next spring!

The Best 420 Halloween Costumes - Shaggy and Scooby Doo at

#3 Halloween!

Whether you’re a professional, parent, or student – it’s nice to mix up your daily routine by getting excited about a goofy (or horrifying!) theme. You can pair your Halloween costume with the character’s perfect smoking accessory (there’s an endless number of awesome costume ideas out there), or go two-birds-one-stone with a haunting October go-to that serves a dual purpose as festive decor when it’s not in use. You might tote around the Grav Labs 18” Steamroller from Silicon Valley’s Erlich Bachman’s famous epic cough scene --expect a lot of new friends coming over for a good laugh-- or one of the “Vape Life” vapes spotted on the Broad City ladies. A sharp skull pipe looks as good as holiday décor between puffs on the coffee table, as does accessorizing with the skull print DaVinci Ascent Vape if you’re out braving haunted houses.

#4 The Thanksgiving Feast

At the tail end of autumn comes its farewell feast. You may need to rev up your appetite in preparation, or ease the nausea that follows that fourth piece of pie — and second slice of pumpkin roll. Either way, a nice vape pen is your best bet for this occasion. A discreet device like the high quality G Pen is great for those heading to a family get-together with relatives who are sure to hop on the bandwagon in a few more years, but aren’t quite cool with the vape scene yet. If you want to look like the extra cool cousin/aunt/uncle/grandparent/whatever, bring along a high art collab piece. Friends-giving folks, enjoy doing whatever the hell you want free from the stresses of holiday traffic and family dynamics. We’ve got an excellent glycerin-chilled bong you can pass around the dinner table.

^ KandyPens in "Alone" by Halsey ft. Big Sean, Stefflon Don

#5 Fall Style

Sweaters, suede boots, and the light jacket re-emerge every autumn. But now that vape culture has hit the mainstream, we suspect you’ll spot a new inspiration behind trending accessories. With Ms. Jane West helping spark the momentum, we’re seeing a number of celebrities, artists, and even high-end designers amping up the competition. Just take a look at the swoon-worthy Jacquie Aiche Sweet Leaf Collection or any one of Leafly’s recommended “Haute Box” items. Right here at DopeBoo we’re drooling over Nat Wood’s artistry, Hydrology9’s cutting edge hydrodynamic design, and the cult-following quality of the Gravity Kandypen. Herbal inspiration has officially hit the fashion scene from clothing, jewelry, accessories, and a new level of design behind our favorite smoke and vape devices.

So when you start mulling fall options (or some seasonal wine), watching funny videos of animals playing in the leaves, and deciding if the itchiness of the hayride is worth heading out on the year’s final grand adventures that don’t require six layers of clothing, consider adding these five autumn essentials into the mix. We guarantee they’ll boost your inevitable seasonal sickness, two already-pretty-awesome holidays into epic proportions, and have you showing up to the pumpkin patch — or to grab your pumpkin latte — in serious style. No need to mourn the summer sun with all the fall fun we have to look forward to!

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