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The China Glass is a company famous for rebranding the Chinese glass market. Oooh and Awe-inspiring, The China Glass are masters of the fine art of Asian glassblowing. Their technique and style have earned them the respect of glass enthusiasts on a multi-continental scale. Hailing from the Hebei province near...

The China Glass is a company famous for rebranding the Chinese glass market. Oooh and Awe-inspiring, The China Glass are masters of the fine art of Asian glassblowing. Their technique and style have earned them the respect of glass enthusiasts on a multi-continental scale. Hailing from the Hebei province near Beijing, these artisans combine over 100 years of Northern Chinese tradition. Beijing is home to the Chengde Mountain Resort, the imperial summer residence of the Qing-dynasty emperors and is surrounded by 18th-century palaces and Buddhist temples. Inspired by this beauty, each and every water bong that wears the famous red China Glass Collection is indeed a unique piece of art.

At the top of every collector's list is The China Glass' stunning line of coffee table worthy water bongs inspired by the porcelain vases handblown and painted during the Chinese dynastic era. The Ming Dynasty Vase Water Pipe, their crown jewel, is a perfect example of the luxuriously exceptional attention to detail that made The China Glass a leader in world-class water glassware. The sweeping double tiered arms are accented by intricate detailing within the ultra-thin yet incredibly sturdy neck and body, lending itself to a seductive elegance rarely seen in the bong industry. The China Glass company has created some of the most elegant glassware on the market today, and their reputation is as spectacular as are their designs.

Most of The China Glass water pipes are outfitted with an ultra-customizable 14mm - 18mm female joint and comes with a premium quality matching bowl. Blue details sit beautifully against a white glass backdrop or choose the luscious black glass with jaw-dropping blue detailing. Romantic and sleek, our favorite is the black and gold version of this stunner. Gold accents that lay against a sexy black glass body giving an air of mystery to your water pipe experience. No detail has been left out as premium borosilicate tubing, and a fixed diffused downstem come standard on each and every glass water bong in The China Glass line to ensure a smooth experience each and every time. You can be sure each pipe is handcrafted and tested for quality before it leaves the China Glass showroom.

If hand pipes are more your style, The China Glass Terracotta Upright Bubbler is worth a look. This impressive 7" inch beauty is available in black and blue, as well as classic Chinese white and blue for a porcelain look. We have to say it again, the black and gold option blows our mind each and every time. The Terracotta Bubbler is no exception to the collection. The Terracotta by The China Glass company features a 14mm female joint and includes a matching 14mm male bowl. This lets you use your premium quality China Glass water pipe right out of the box. If you're a flower enthusiast, be sure to fill your beautiful water pipe with your favorite finely ground flower, or shop DopeBoo's full line of nails and bangers to make this fully customizable beauty your own.

Company coming over? No problem. The stunning water pipes China Glass brings to the table are so beautiful they t can also be used as a flower vase! Not only are these pipes built to last, but these are also no "Made in China" hunks of junk. Some of the most beautiful pipes in the world, the glassblowers at The China Glass take a new approach to Chinese glassware. These artisans of an ancient craft have redesigned, refurbished, and refaced what we commonly know as Chinese glassware. Whether you are in the market for a glass piece to last a lifetime or want to drop a few bucks on a fun new hand pipe for your worldwide adventures, there's a pipe in the China Glass collection to meet your needs.

Nothing will impress your sesh buddies like a China Glass hand pipe or water bong. No matter which price range or style you choose, you'll be wowed by the quality of glass you put your herbal pleasures in. The higher quality glassware you select will often make a considerable difference in the quality of your sesh. Not only does quality matter but cleanliness does, too. To keep your exquisite China Glass collection in pristine condition, always use 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, the most popular choice, or another bong friendly cleaning solution.

Avoid using products like acetone nail polish remover to clean you China Glass. These types of harsh chemicals will destroy the luster of your water pipe with a quickness, and you'll surely regret it forever. We always recommend using Earth-friendly methods of water pipe cleaning such as Epsom salt, coarse sea salt, kosher salt, or Rock Salt. For super stubborn stains, especially on your white China Glass pieces, use your favorite bong cleaning brush or wire pipe cleaners along with a mixture of the salt of your choice combined with rubbing alcohol. Salt is abrasive enough to remove the toughest of resin and bong residue while the rubbing alcohol is gentle enough to keep your glass collection as impressive as the day it arrived from DopeBoo!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the collector in your life, you've found it. Every herb enthusiast can appreciate an excellent piece of glassware like the unique designs offered by The China Glass. No collection is complete without a little international flair, and there's no doubt that this fits the bill. Give the gift of quality with not only a personality but a long and rich history, as well. There's no way you can go wrong with a gift like this because the quality speaks for itself. You can be sure it will be the one gift they always remember.

The China Glass is a name and a logo every glass lover will recognize. A name known around the world, The China Glass is perfect for everyone. You may as well get one for yourself, too! Be kind and treat yourself to the glass you deserve. If you can't take that cruise to China, why not get the next best thing? Treat yourself to one beautiful piece of Chinese glass with The China Glass company and their exquisite line of water pipes.

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