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The steamroller is the perfect blend between the spoon pipe and chillum with a straight tube silhouette. Portable, waterless; it’s easy to handle. Just hold the steamroller horizontally and give it a rip from the end opposite your lighter. Many designers also narrow the far-away end so you can tap your...

The steamroller is the perfect blend between the spoon pipe and chillum with a straight tube silhouette. Portable, waterless; it’s easy to handle. Just hold the steamroller horizontally and give it a rip from the end opposite your lighter. Many designers also narrow the far-away end so you can tap your finger on it as a carb to control airflow.

Steamrollers vary in size: our largest steamroller is the popular GRAV Labs 11” Steamroller. This is the most frequently purchased, highest-rated steamroller in the glass shop. On the other end of the size scale is the “mini steamroller,” like GRAV Labs’ alter-ego 4.5” Mini Steamroller. GRAV Labs is just one of the high-quality steamroller brands you’ll find in our selection. Take a scroll below to discover our best-selling steamroller brands!

The Top 3 Steamroller Brands Are:

  1. GRAV Labs
  2. UPC Glass
  3. Chameleon Glass

Now, a few things you might want to know about the steamroller.

Better glass = better steamroller. Take the time to choose a solid scientific glass piece. That means nice thick borosilicate that will bounce right off your living room floor. UPC Glass, handmade in Los Angeles, prides itself on the sturdy in-hand heft it delivers.

The benefits of a steamroller:

  • Direct, powerful rips
  • Can customize the tube size
  • Super easy to clean with two open ends
  • Available in every style

Most steamroller designs are also available in a taster or chillum -- a petite relative of the steamroller. The difference is that a steamroller can hold a much larger portion of fresh ground herbs, while a taster offers just one or two rips.

And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for . . .

(From Large to Small)

GRAV Labs 18” Steamroller

This pipe’s rise to stardom may be due to its debut on HBO comedy Silicon Valley. It’s a heavy hitter that’s not recommended for newbies. Old pros, however, will appreciate its unbreakable resilience with a large direct rip.

This Austin, Texas brand started with a comparable simply-genius design: The Gravitron. Their signature style is all about clean, minimal lines discretely packed with powerful, over-the-top engineering. That makes this our favorite scientific steamroller.

GRAV Labs 11” Steamroller

Heading into the medium-sized steamrollers, this scientific glass steamroller shares many of the 18-incher’s qualities. The difference is primarily that it’s easier to hold onto and delivers a less intense rip.

Don’t underestimate this pipe, though. It still stacks up against the heavy hitters. If you’re looking for a more casual daily driver -- try the GRAV Mini below.

Nucleus 10” Steamroller

Super thick glass makes this Nucleus piece. Larger steamrollers take a little more coordination, but are guaranteed to give a massive rip every time! If you’re looking for a sturdy heavy-hitter this is the pipe for you.

Its equally durable funnel slide rests atop a keck-clipped joint. Two round nub feet give the 10-incher an easy stance on any table.

UPC Glass 7” Concentrate Steamroller

Handcrafted in California, this Los Angeles made pipe ranks at top shelf quality. Every inch is inspected by the experts and stamped with its signature barcode logo. These pieces are often imitated, so always make sure it has this crisp label on it.

This pipe uniquely works with concentrates so your favorite waxy extracts can take the steamroll ride, too! It uses an angle-cut dome and nail that’s in perfect reach of the mouthpiece. Two small nub feet rest opposite the dome so it stands upright on a table.

GRAV Labs UPLINE 6” Steamroller

Thank Micah Evans for Upline! This mad-science glass master teamed up with GRAV Labs to deliver the “Advanced Perconomics” of his best-selling UPLINE collection. The spine-like design is actually a stream of chambers that each independently cool and smooth every inhale.

If you like this pipe but like an ultra-portable size, the UPLINE chillum is an excellent alternative.

Chameleon Glass Lightsaber Steamroller

This all-American brand proudly runs a 100% Made in USA operation. From its Phoenix, Arizona headquarters, these popular glass artists craft a variety of inspired themes. Channeling The Force in all of us is this legendary Lightsaber pipe with a playful way to integrate your love of Star Wars into your routine. It’s a great reason to host a movie marathon, too!

Jane West 4.25” Steamroller

Crafted with genuine cobalt ore, leading lady Jane West delivers a genius GRAV Labs collab. Never before seen contours give the collection a signature silhouette enhanced by a royal blue glow. These pipes double as decor with exquisite and remarkable hues.

GRAV Labs 4.5” Steamroller

You might compare this steamroller to a spoon pipe. Put the carb on the top of the spoon instead of the side and you’ve got this portable steamroller design! Crisp scientific glass is also nice and sturdy for carry-everywhere company.

This piece has vibrant color accents, including two colorful nub feet that keep it steady and safe on a tabletop.

Empire Glassworks Hot Dog Steamroller

Backyard BBQs and ball games have a new party trick! This passable steamroller is ready to get a giggle from your crew. Empire Glassworks is one of the longest standing artists in the glass industry. Their inspired designs don’t miss a detail -- as you can see right down to the grill marks on this frank piece!

These rich colors are handworked in California and placed with full texture. Whether you’re heading off to a music fest or a movie in the park, this playful pipe is sure to please.


And that’s the lineup! These are the steamrollers you need to know.

The takeaway: when you’re shopping for a steamroller it’s best to go for a trustworthy brand with lots of high ratings, thick borosilicate glass, and a size that suits your lifestyle.

If you like this shape, but want a little water filtration -- check out our lineup of Straight Tube Water Pipes. This will stand upright instead of lengthwise, taking up a bit less space in smaller homes.

Totally digging the steamroller? Keep scrolling to check out our entire selection of crowd-pleasing steamrollers.

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