Spoon Pipes

A spoon pipe is a reliable sidekick, a style accessory, and always ready go-to. It’s there for you after a long day at work. It’s at your side when weekend adventures hit. The spoon pipe has sparked many a conversation over the decades as it surely will for you and...

A spoon pipe is a reliable sidekick, a style accessory, and always ready go-to. It’s there for you after a long day at work. It’s at your side when weekend adventures hit. The spoon pipe has sparked many a conversation over the decades as it surely will for you and your crew. 

Browse through hundreds of pipes to find that “so you” style. DopeBoo’s online headshop boasts the highest names in quality, inspired themes, and amazing glass techniques. Pair your spoon pipe with a grinder for a flawless experience that doesn’t include clogs.

The shape of the mouthpiece, the size of the bowl, the level of portability, and side carb construction are all factors you’ll want to consider in choosing the perfect spoon pipe. Keep reading to discover DopeBoo’s highest-rated, best-selling spoon pipes by category.

Bestselling Scientific Spoon Pipes:

Helix Classic Pipe, $67.99. Looking for a show? Watch your inhales spiral through the impressive Helix design to add a touch of awe to your routine. At home in Austin, Texas, GRAV Labs is world-renowned for crafting highly scientific glass. The brand’s signature style is minimalist design with advanced engineering. Helix Spoon Pipe marks one of their most in-demand pipes for just this reason.

Upline Spoon Pipe, $44.99. It’s no surprise GRAV Labs takes the rank of our first and second best scientific spoon pipe. This Micah Evans collab is often drooled over in high-climbing how-the-hell-does-that-work water pipes. But those in the know have also made the unique ladder perc design work for their daily driver spoon pipe. Each spine-like chamber individually cools and smooths your smoke for nothing but goodness--even on the go. 

Bestselling Artistic Spoon Pipes:

Bug’s Life Spoon Pipe, $159.99. This Empire Glassworks spoon pipe is a work of art. The glass-masters have been fine-tuning their glass talents with over four decades of experience. No detail is overlooked, no color is anything but extraordinary, and no pipe is lacking in next-level inspiration. You can display the Bug’s Life spoon life proudly like a piece of carefully chosen home decor with this level of craftsmanship and color.

Blue Drop Spoon Pipe, $24.99. Truly a gem! This Boo Glass pipe is both affordable and awe-worthy. A bohemian pattern dances through the glass in rich, dynamic shades of blue. It’s a price you don’t have to worry about carrying with you to music fests and backyard barbeques -- but also makes a stylish splash.

Honey Bee Hand Pipe, $87.99. This Instagram-worthy bestseller has been an instant hit! Empire Glassworks’ glowing amber honeycomb is accented by buzzing bees and green textured leaves. Each quality borosilicate piece is handcrafted in California for Made in USA quality. 

Bestselling Big-Name Spoon Pipes:

Marley Naturals Spoon Pipe, $64.99. Sustainable craftsmanship and top-shelf quality have this piece flying off the DopeBoo shelves to nightstands, desks, and coffee tables all across the country. North American Walnut Wood seamlessly blends with high-quality borosilicate glass for a barely there hand pipe. Designed with true enthusiasts in mind, the pipe even disassembles so you can easily keep it fresh as the day it arrived at your doorstep!

Jane West, $47.99. The leading lady that gave us the first herbal event company and the ever-powerful Women Grow organization has teamed up with GRAV Labs for first glass collection. Each borosilicate glass piece is crafted with genuine cobalt ore in a sleek-contoured silhouette. These unique lines also add stability and comfort to the spoon pipe. 

Bestselling Animal Spoon Pipes:

Sea Floor Spoon Pipe, $159.99. Advanced artistry oozes from every inch of this impressive spoon pipe. Empire Glassworks delivers master craftsmanship from sea creatures to plant life with rich handworked colors in a dynamic silhouette.

Owl Spoon Pipe, $47.99. What a hoot! Whether you’re looking for a laugh or to have a wise owl guide you through each sesh -- this Empire Glassworks work of art is sure to do the trick.

Bestselling Basic Spoon Pipes:

6” Jumbo Spoon Pipe, $34.99. This GRAV is essential is a go-to in every pipe collection. The Austin-based brand is all about simple silhouettes that pack a powerful punch. You’ll find yourself reaching for this reliable design again and again.


Maria Ring Spoon Pipe, $24.99. Simply exquisite, a sturdy Maria ring adds durability (and a touch of style) to this daily driver spoon pipe.

Bestselling Spoon Pipes Under $25:

Fritted Two-Tone Spoon Pipe, $20. At this price, you don’t have to worry about butterfinger friends dropping it. But you also don’t have to sacrifice a cool aesthetic vibe! This excellent accessory makes a stylish statement in the palm of your hand with an eye-catching fritted two-tone design. It’s easy to use, direct-rip shape makes it perfectly reliable for every occasion.

Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe, $24.99. This excellently crafted spoon pipe is sure to make an impression. Fumed glass creates a metallic glow throughout the palm-sized piece. A dynamic mushroom bursts with milli glass technique from its center. Take your pick between two mind-blowing color blends.

Peach Fuzz Spoon Pipe, $24.99. Peachy hues and thick glass construction make this a carry-everywhere spoon pipe. Its palm size is ultra-portable, while its cool color combination lets you proudly pull it from pocket, purse, or backpack.

Bestselling Cartoon Spoon Pipes:

Looking for the perfect companion for some cartoon hilarity? Get lots of laughs with these spoon pipes as you dive into adventures with your favorite TV characters from Rick & Morty pipes to Pokemon pipes!

Rick Spoon Pipe & Morty Spoon Pipe, $59.99. Chameleon Glass proudly crafts each inspired piece in Arizona from their 100% made in USA operation.

Hooded Kid Spoon Pipe & Fat Kid Spoon Pipe, $90.00. These Southpark inspired pipes are sure to be a hit as you pass them through the crew.

And those are the bestselling spoon pipes you need to know! Don’t forget we also have a wide selection of spoon pipes for special occasions -- from Mistletoe for winter holidays to skulls for Halloween -- these are sure to make you the life of the party!

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