A name that is gaining ground among dabbers world round is Elev8. Ask just about any professional dabber what their favorite brands are, and the name Elev8 is sure to be on that list somewhere. Colorado is home to many of the finest glassblowers in the business; few can argue...

A name that is gaining ground among dabbers world round is Elev8. Ask just about any professional dabber what their favorite brands are, and the name Elev8 is sure to be on that list somewhere. Colorado is home to many of the finest glassblowers in the business; few can argue that. But, Elev8 is raising the bar when it comes to quality dab rigs. These folks are changing the game for taste enthusiasts eager to enjoy every last nuance of flavor their favorite strains have to offer. Colorado Springs-based artisan glassmakers, Elev8 is bringing a new era of innovation to the dab scene.

Some of the founding fathers of customizable rigs, the masters at Elev8 have earned a much-deserved reputation for quality and stability. Their designs are some of the most beautiful we've ever seen. Elev8 Glass has become some of the most collectible pieces on the market and what's even more exciting is the price. Elev8 has made it possible for anyone to obtain to a luxury glass piece of this insane quality. Shockingly affordable, awe-inspiring, and jaw-dropping are just a few of phrases Elev8 fans have used to describe their new ELev8 pipes upon receiving their new, ultra high-quality water bong from Elev8.

ELEV8 Solid Quartz Shortie Beaker Rig Voted Favorite Daily Dripper

As dabbing continues to catch on, more and more people enjoy the past time together. With all the friends you're going to make soon, you're going to want a rig that can keep up with daily use. This micro rig is the one you've wished for. Elev8 has created a full quartz beaker rig, that's not only stemless and fixed but solid! Rattling pieces and broken accessories are so yesterday, and this piece will help you get with the times. This tiny powerhouse packs more of a punch than it's size would let on. No matter if you are relaxing at home, going for a long weekend with friends, or just hanging around at the pool the Elev8 won't fail you. Super durable and ultra stable, this solid quartz shortie is only 4.5 inches tall. Chock with high-velocity power, this gorgeous clear glass beaker comes complete with a domeless quartz banger nail. Elev8 makes each glass rig with care and crafted of the finest in luxe clear glass. 

Colorado's own, homegrown glass masters have made quite an international name for themselves as artisans of the fine art of glassblowing. Famous for their adoration for the dab culture, Elev8 is a sweet partnership of some of the best glassworks crafters found in the continental United States. Without a doubt, these fine purveyors of glassware will knock you off your seat with their unparalleled quality and attention to every last tiny detail. Each Elev8 water pipe and dab accessory is made of only the highest grade handcrafted glass. Impressive, to say the least, Elev8 glass has been touted for their weight and stability. But just as any fine piece of equipment, you need to keep it in clean and pristine working order. When glass needs to be cleaned there are a few things you should know.

Gently Clean an Elev8 Nail or Pipes

The most important thing to remember is that chemicals are bad. Never, ever use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your rig and especially on your nails! Harsh cleaning agents, like nail polish remover, will destroy the integrity of your scientific grade glass with a quickness. Your water pipe and dab accessories are designed to provide you with a tasty, clean hit every time. But they can only do that if you clean them with gently cleaning agents. We always recommend using eco-friendly methods of pipe cleaning such as Epsom salt, coarse sea salt, kosher salt, or Rock Salt. For super-extreme and supremely stubborn stains, use wire pipe cleaners or your favorite bong cleaning brush with a mix of rubbing alcohol and the salt of your choice. Semi-abrasive, salt can remove the most stringent oil residue, while the rubbing alcohol is gentle, yet effective at removing gunk.

Elev8 Super Universal Domeless Titanium Nail for Female and Male Joints

If you are part of the titanium nail fan club, there's little doubt you haven't heard about this must-have a universal nail. Domeless, this superbly designed ultra-quality, Grade 2 titanium nail is going to work in a multitude of different dab rigs which is ultimately going to make your life easier. You'll thank us later. With Elev8's innovative design, compatibility is no longer a problem. This titanium wonder nail works with most, if not all 10mm, 14.5mm, and 18.8mm joints. Rarely do you find a nail that fits that many sizes, and when you do - the fit is usually subpar, to say the least. You won't have that problem with this piece of dabber's art. Every detail has been worked over and rethought, to fine-tune your dabbing experience. That's the same passion that Elev8 puts into every beautiful piece of quality glass, titanium, and ceramic they create.

The Elev8 Super Universal Domeless Titanium Nail is the ultimate piece for the dabber on the go, as well as the dabber who doesn't like a mess. Easier to clean, this nail doesn't require as much soaking. It doesn't happen every day but every great once in a while there comes along one of those incredibly useful and perfectly thought out stoner accessories that you can't live without. This titanium nail is one of our very top picks. Elev8's universal nail is made of superior quality materials, and this nail can take the heat, too. Elev8 has made one premium quality taste catcher at a price that won't make you melt.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a true dab connoisseur? Maybe you are looking for a little something special for that first-time dabber. No matter. Elev8 has everything you need to add to an already impressive collection or to start a new collection off on the right foot. Treat yourself to the finest in dab wear by the folks who know dabs. Elev8 glass is the first line of dab gear and their promise to you in top quality, ultra high-grade materials.
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