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Concentrate water pipes or “dab rigs” (aka dab pipes, wax rigs, dab oil rigs, concentrate rigs, etc.) - are quite simply bongs that are made specifically to smoke concentrates or oils (which is called "dabbing"). Instead of your usual dry herb slide, dab rigs are fitted with a nail. The...

Concentrate water pipes or “dab rigs” (aka dab pipes, wax rigs, dab oil rigs, concentrate rigs, etc.) - are quite simply bongs that are made specifically to smoke concentrates or oils (which is called "dabbing"). Instead of your usual dry herb slide, dab rigs are fitted with a nail. The nail is heated with a torch (or e-nail) which creates clean concentrate vapor when you "dab" on your extracts. Standard glass dab pipes include a glass nail that manufacturers expect you'll replace with a quartz banger, domeless ceramic nail, or domeless titanium nail. Most high-quality glass brands carried by DopeBoo include a top-shelf nail with a water pipe, but many customers still choose to add additional attachments to enhance their dab setup.

Concentrates have exploded in popularity as the new dry herb alternative. As a result, glass dab rigs have quickly become some of the best-selling water pipes at DopeBoo. Dab rigs have re-excited old enthusiasts and caught the attention of new ones. To accommodate this new-found enthusiasm, glassblowers have stepped up to create some seriously impressive dab rigs and other vapor devices.

Trying to shop for a glass oil rig or wax rig at a traditional brick-and-mortar head shop can feel like a trip through the wringer. DopeBoo’s online headshop provides a transparent and simple online platform that enables you to effectively review all makes, models, and prices of the best dab rigs available from the comfort of your mobile device or computer. Here is a lineup of dab rigs that have earned DopeBoo's attention to get you started:


Cheap Dab Rigs That Don't Skimp on Quality: Dab Rigs Under $100

We’ve all been the mutt fresh from the rescue or lived with a Ramen-eating human in college before. Especially at DopeBoo, having little disposable income does not mean you have to hold back from buying a good dab rig. If you’re looking for the best “cheap” dab rig, the California glass masters at UPC are well-known for crafting top-shelf glass at affordable prices. Easily browse simpler silhouettes and budget-conscious dab rigs at DopeBoo’s online headshop like the Tear Drop Bubbler Rig, or power up the percolation with a Honeycomb to Showerhead Rig. The so-called cheap dab rigs at DopeBoo are anything but cheap in quality -- and, after buying a rig online at a great price, you’ll have more to spend on your concentrates. No buyer's remorse is guaranteed!!!

Luxury Dab Rigs Elevate Your Concentrates

For those of us who prefer a filet mignon to Purina puppy chow, Snoop Dogg’s luxe new POUND collection offers an impressive selection of cool dab rigs with elevated extra-thick borosilicate glass. The“ Spaceship” is a POUND bestseller at DopeBoo with a solid, sturdy size that will launch you into the stratosphere. The “Battleship” kicks things up a notch with double the height and three tiers of percolation -- including two always-welcome turbines that create an incredible vision as well. Pulsar has also stepped up to help concentrates flourish with such deluxe designs as the highly scientific Recycler Dab Rig. Also, be sure to check out one of the more unique dab rigs for sale in our online store: the luxurious “Dabuccino” from our own personal brand, Boo Glass. A themed dab rig in the shape of a Starbucks coffee cup, it features borosilicate glass and barrel perc-- giving you maximum diffusion power, coupled with a sleek and creative design.

Tell your friends to keep their paws off these luxury devices -- unless they’ve got top-notch concentrates to match.

Impressive Percs Create Extra Smooth Pulls

The sticky nature of concentrates works best with certain kinds of percs. As clean concentrate vapor swirls through your water pipe, it may settle once again into a sticky material when you’re done. This can clog up super fine slits and holes seen on some percolators. Luckily, today’s glass artists love a challenge! The large vapor paths of a Swiss perc pipe make it a concentrate fan’s favorite, as on the Mini Swiss Perc Recycler. On a larger scale, Pulsar’s incredible Twin Turbine Perc Dab Rig with two tiers of sturdy percolation is ultra impressive. Turbine percolators are effective in creating an impressive “Tornado” visual spiral as vapor journeys through the pipe, with a similar cleansing effect of a Recycler, which works by keeping each inhales in a constant flow.

Best Portable Rigs For Dabbing On The Go

When you’re at home, there’s nothing like a nice piece of glass where you can fully celebrate your dab rig and concentrates experience. However, if you’re on the move, a more compact, portable concentrate vaporizer like the PAX 3 from DopeBoo will definitely do the trick. Mobile or handheld glass is increasing in popularity and glass artists have stepped up to the challenge of enabling you to carry your waxy extracts from your bedroom to a backyard barbeque. Nano or mini dab rigs generally run under 6 inches tall and rest easy in your palm -- such as the GRAV SPG Nano Rig and Empire Glassworks work of art called the Beehive Mini-Rig. A relatively new innovation is the HoneyVac Nectar Collector, which streamlines the concentrate process by allowing you to “slurp” up extracts through the straw-like design. Yummy!

Dab Tools Are Critical For Your Concentrate Sesh

No dab rig collection is complete without a few cool concentrate tools. Beginners may want to consider some dabbing starter essentials: a silicone jar, a dabber with carb caps, a dab dish, a reclaim catcher, and a torch. These are what you’ll use to load and store your favorite legal waxy extracts with ease. If this is totally lost on you, browse our Guide to Getting Waxy to help get you up to speed. Most glass rigs at DopeBoo include a glass nail, but most concentrate connoisseurs eventually upgrade to a titanium, ceramic, or quartz nail in their favorite shape. Finding your favorite banger or nail shape doesn't seem simple at the onset -- the fun lies in trying them all! Dab rig utensils such as adapters or dropdowns are an excellent way to mix things up after you become a pro dabber. It’s a snap to add dab tools to your online order at DopeBoo’s online headshop.

Dual Function Water Pipes Let You Go Both Ways

From a practical standpoint, let us not forget that DopeBoo has a great assortment of dual-function water pipes. In other words, you can buy a water pipe online from DopeBoo that you can use for dry herbs OR concentrate. Again, with the gain in popularity of dabbing along with dry herb, dual-function water pipes have been gaining market share as an online water pipe category. Please know, these dual function glass pieces aren’t just for pragmatists and are gorgeous in their own right.

Legal concentrates are giving us goodness in ways old-school dry herb enthusiasts could have never fathomed. Whether you’re just jumping into concentrate fun or you’re one of the pioneers at the forefront of dabbing -- you’ve reached the right place at DopeBoo to shop for the best rigs and dab pieces to boost the experience.



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