If you're an avid dabber, you know the importance of a good torch. Not only is safety paramount, but saving money on butane is never a bad idea either. Everyone who has ever played around with dabbing knows that if you buy a cheap torch, you will undoubtedly run out...

If you're an avid dabber, you know the importance of a good torch. Not only is safety paramount, but saving money on butane is never a bad idea either. Everyone who has ever played around with dabbing knows that if you buy a cheap torch, you will undoubtedly run out of butane at precisely the wrong moment. Cinderwitch Torches are the go-to name when it comes to choosing a torch with reliability, durability, and a ton of super cool safety features. These torches are no joke. Cinderwitch Torches were designed by some of the United States top aeronautic engineers who used only the highest quality materials. Harnessing the brain power of some of the aerospace industries top minds, Cinderwitch has produced arguably the most exceptional dab torch on the market today.

Using the latest technology, the designers of these torches utilized a uniquely, signature ergonomic design that has made many dabbers claim the Cinderwitch is the easiest to use and most comfortable torch they've ever used. Every dab enthusiast can appreciate Cinderwitch torches as they are available in one, two or three jet flame models. Choose your favorite flame style to ensure your dabs are heated quickly and evenly, and exactly how you like them. Cinderwitch Torches can be used to heat any quartz, titanium, or ceramic dab nail.

Cinderwitch has been making quite an impression on the competition, and if you aren't familiar with them yet - you should be. Cinderwitch is a Southern company with old school values. Calling sunny Savannah, Georgia home, Cinderwitch and their innovative designers have come up with some of the most talked about new styles of dab torches on the market. Winning several prestigious awards at some of the biggest competition in the industry, Conderwitch is a name that stands apart from the crowd. These deluxe torches are durable and built to withstand just about anything to throw at it. A trigger style ignition is precisely what you need to test temps and find your exact happy place. Cinderwitch's makes it the perfect companion when trying out new strains. Like a low temp, high flavor dab? Or are you a cough-to-get-off cloud fiend? Either way, Cinderwitches adjustable flame and added flame lock safety feature will no doubt make this mega fuel efficient torch your new best buddy. 

"Safety," was what most dabbers answered when asked what their number one concern was when it came to dabbing. Even the most seasoned of dab artists have experienced that sinking feeling of wondering if you flipped the safety switch. Cinderwitch has designed their products with forgetful folks like us in mind. That's not to say you don't have to use your common sense and routine safety precautions. But or the most part these are dummy proof. Of course, always keep all of your dab gear stored up and away from prying eyes and tiny hands. But rest assured that when you purchase a torch by Cinderwitch you can count on having the very best in safety precautions without sacrificing ergonomic styling and the ultimate in even heating. 

DopeBoo Users Voted! Here's Your Favorite Dab Torch

If you dab and you aren't a fan of the usual on-the-go solutions, here's your answer! DopeBoo's dab fans have spoken, and the vote was unanimous. The Cinderwitch Jet Flame Torch Head is one seriously nifty invention that every dabber desperately needs in their life. The instructions are as smooth as adding butane! Gone are the days of waiting to fill your torch and hoping that you don't spill butane all over! Not only is this dangerous but smelly, as well!  Cinderwitch's Jet Flame Torch Head is a butane can topper that allows you to place the torch head directly onto a can of butane.

It's really just that easy! Merely push the nozzle of the can into the bottom of the Cinderwitch Jet Flame Torch Head and give a good twist in the counter-clockwise direction to ensure that the Torch Head is locked. You may hear a bit of hissing at first. But don't freak out. This is entirely normal, we promise. An adjustable flame gives you just enough heat to get the job done without scorching your precious materials, and a single touch ignition torch makes starting a breeze. Just as all Cinderwitch premium torches, this favorite comes standard with a safety regulator. The Torch Head fits on most standard sized butane cans so need to worry about finding the right sized can.

If you are in search of the wickedest flame in all the land, we have that, too.

The Best of the Best in Cinderwitch Torches

Three has always been better than one. Not many people out there can argue that. The Cinderwitch Triple Jet Flame Torch is proof positive that big things can come in small packages. This triple turbo laser sharp torch is exactly what you need when you need the temperature right. The Cinderwitch Triple Jet is a favorite among industry professionals active on the scene for its jet stream nozzle that pushes heat through a pinpoint flame guaranteed to heat your banger with precision speed. Sharp black and red ergonomic designs are a signature style for the Cinderwitch line. But for some reason, this Triple Flamed triple threat seems to wear it's coloring a little bit sexier than it's predecessors.

When you grab a black and red Cinderwitch, everyone enjoying a dab with you will know that you take the craft of dabbing seriously. Your no amateur, so why use sub-par equipment? Even if you're new to the world of dabs, it's essential to start out using the best materials to ensure you get the best experience possible. If you are new or even if you are a seasoned professional, always be sure to read all enclosed safety materials included with Cinderwithc's packaging. Always exercise safety and extreme caution when dealing with tools that produce heat of this caliber.  Never settle for knock-offs or cheap imitations. Always shop a preferred dealer, such as DopeBoo for the best of  Cinderwitch's fine product line.

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