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How Many Forms of CBD Can You Vape?

by Anna L 28 Dec 2020
How Many Forms of CBD Can You Vape?

As medical research continues to highlight potential therapeutic benefits of CBD, an increasing number of individuals have taken to making use of CBD products as health supplements. While infused tinctures, balms, ointments and creams are popular options for casual consumers, others — such as vapers — prefer to dose their CBD with hardware they already use on a regular basis.

What Can You Use to Vape CBD?

Desktop vape

There's a surprising number of vaporizer devices specifically designed for vaping CBD. Some of the most well-known examples include cartridge systems, pod mods, wax pens, dab pens, dabbing rigs (such as e-rigs or desktops) and even dry herb vaporizers.

While the sheer variety in vaporizer types might seem overwhelming to beginners, it's actually quite necessary and definitely justified. Many different forms of CBD can be vaped, but each requires different conditions to vaporize without spoiling or compromising CBD content and quality.

So exactly how many forms of CBD can you vape? In this post, we go over the most common picks for vapers today, along with their various pros and cons and the best way to vape them.

CBD Vape Oils

CBD oils come in a number of formats suitable for vaping. It's commonly found in standalone flavored or unflavored varieties, in cartridges or in bottles. CBD is also commonly infused into e-liquids, which is what the large majority of refillable vape systems use. DIY vapers also mix their own concoctions, with many using homemade extraction methods to isolate CBD from cannabis or hemp.

By having a direct hand in the extraction, refinement and mixing processes, DIYers create either flavored CBD or infused nicotine e-liquids for their own personal use with precisely the percentages of content they desire. This can be better than relying on store-bought CBD oils, some of which feature no transparency on their ingredient labels.

Dr Dabber wax vape pen

CBD oils can be vaped with a wide variety of devices, including pod mods, pens, tank systems and cartridge systems — as long as they aren't models using proprietary attachments.

The benefit of using oils is in its versatility and affordability; all of the most portable and affordable vape devices work with CBD vape oils. However, you don't get nearly as much potency as you could with concentrates.

CBD Concentrates

There's an impressive range of CBD concentrates that can be vaped, offering superior potency and CBD content when compared to the consumption of oils or buds. Let's take a quick look at the three most popular forms of concentrate below:

  • Wax is also commonly known as crumble or "budder" (a play on butter), and is the result of cannabinoid crystallization when they are agitated in the extraction process. The reason for the variation in nomenclature is while the overall preparation is identical between all three, the texture of the final product depends on the execution of the crucial whipping process.

Just as in the creation of cream, wax is made via a whipping process that incorporates air while simultaneously evaporating solvent. Whipping briskly creates a drier, more crumbly product while a more relaxed, less intensive approach results in a soft and creamy "budder" of sorts. A balanced whipping is used most commonly among DIYers, creating a much more manageable wax-like product.

Unlike crumble, wax and budder are practically impossible to handle by hand, and must be managed with a dab tool. Handling materials are best kept as cold as possible, as all three wax types are very quick to melt. Wax averages about 60% CBD potency, which is the lowest of all concentrate types, but still higher than most CBD oils.

Vaping wax is best done using a wax pen equipped with a quartz coil for minimizing wastage. E-rigs and desktops also work well when with company.

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