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Warm Weather Hits: How to Have Fun in the Sun as an Herbal Enthusiast

by Julia Abney 26 May 2017
420 Summer Fun Guide

Warm weather has hit and you’re looking to get the hell out of the house! While we’re well aware that boo-friendliness is on the rise both East Coast and West, our favorite rooftop restaurants and craft beer gardens are still just a little wary of letting it rip on their private property. So, we’ve put together a list of activities herbal enthusiasts can enjoy at all levels of the energy spectrum, from beach-bumming to some serious outdoor adventure. Pair these ideas with your smoke sesh soulmate from our list of Spring & Summer Smoking Essentials.


Fun in the sun!


1) See an Outdoor Show

Outdoor show - DopeBoo

There’s nothing like a sun-shining afternoon with the only clouds in the sky put there by you and your crew--laying back and listening to some live tunes. So much better than the headphones you’ve been doubling as earmuffs since November. Check the calendar on your favorite outdoor venue. Lawn seats are easier on the pocketbook and a much more pleasant vibe than squished seats up front. Need some inspiration? Check out Millennium Park’s free Summer Music Series in Chicago, the incredible outdoor experience of Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheater (a personal favorite among performers across all genres), or a classic sprawling lawn venue like Cleveland’s Blossom Music Center. We suggest making a day of it by bringing some blankets, snacks, and water to enjoy while you post up for the perfect view. If concerts aren’t your jam, check out your local Movie in the Park night!

2) Get Physical!

Get Physical with your Green

Rediscover that oh-so-good feeling of sinking into bed at the end of an awesome day, knowing you worked every muscle in your body though you had way too much fun to notice! Set up an outdoor Olympics-style competition with you and your boo-friends. Amp up the intensity with prizes “legal herb and tobacco” enthusiasts will get real down and dirty for! Sound like a lot of work? Keep it simple with a pickup game of beach volleyball, kickball, frisbee, or disc golf. Take it down a notch by getting grounded with one of the many yoga in the park classes or even a soulful sunrise/sunset session by the beach.

3) Rainy Day Museum Stroll

Museum with boo - DopeBoo

Just cause every day can’t be a winner weather-wise, doesn’t mean you can’t still make it a day to remember. Take your trip indoors by getting visual at the local art museum, boosting your brainpower at the local science center, travel through time at the history museum, stargaze at the planetarium, or even get fishy with it at the aquarium. Challenge yourself to get a photo so hilariously apropos it lands you on the museum’s social media feed--or at least lands you a pic that’ll have you smiling every time you pass by it come gloomy grey days.

4) Be One With Nature

Nature with Boo - DopeBoo

You had all winter to get connected to your television; now it’s time to recharge your sense of perspective by taking time to appreciate the fresh green scents, soothing sounds, and mind-blowing intricacies of what this world has to offer without the help of humankind. It’s easy to lose sight of the grandiosity of it all after four months trapped indoors with your deskmate’s woes about bridesmaid duties and irritable cold-weather drivers holding down their horns like they’re leading a parade--so we’ve got a few ways for you to get away from it all in the warm summer embrace of nature. Because nothing compares to getting right up in it--not to mention the boo-friendly freedom of an open park space--take a look at REI’s National Park App to discover some “gem” hiking trails all across the country. Not ready for the real deal? Play it safe at the local conservatory, Botanical Gardens, or area zoo. When your energy level hits a lull, pop on a summer weather playlist that’ll have you bouncing along to Brazilian beats like Dr. Buzzard’s “Sunshowers.”

5) Munchies Delight

Foodie Delights - DopeBoo

Munchies much? Us, too. After a day well spent luxuriating under the sun, you’re bound to build up an appetite. Luckily, the food options this time of year are endless enough to indulge in a different fare every day of the week! There’s Rib Fest, Lobster Fest, food truck fests (like Austin’s epic Trucklandia), local best fests (such as L.A. Food Fest), even art and music festivals open their sidewalk space to the best eats about town. Farmers markets reclaim their must-stop status with locally grown and one-of-a-kind concoctions. But if you just can’t wait for the weekend, there’s no better time for a backyard or beachside barbeque! Pack up a gourmet or munchies-extreme style picnic and enjoy a day in the park eating all your favorite foods. (Some of us have been saving our Blue Apron dry ice packs for just this time of year!)

It’s definitely worth a solid Google sesh to mark up your calendar with this year’s local fun and food events! It’s equally important to pair your summer adventures with a smoke or vape device that won’t let you down while you’re out and about. Check out DopeBoo's online headshop to find it. In today’s advanced age of ultra-portable pipes and vapes there’s just no excuse to stay locked indoors!

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