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The Best Pipes for Apartment Style Living

by Julia Abney 10 Apr 2018
The Best Pipes for Apartment Style Living

Glass pipes no longer carry the stigma they used to, but ugly pipes sure do. Luckily, we now live in the era of pipes as art pieces.

Contemporary glass blends modern technology with the swoon-worthy artistry of an antique. Which means there is just no excuse for littering your space with subpar pipes.

This collection has the perfect piece for every price range, fashion sense, and herbal preference. You can proudly display these pipes in your living space. Cause we all know our favorite necessities require a splash of style along with efficient function when it comes to apartment living. Keeping the perfect pipe out and proud will set the mood right for every sesh, and give you something to smile about as you pass your bookshelf, nightstand, or coffee table.

These are the best pipes for apartment decor:


There is one name that so synonymous with our industry that just seeing it printed on any item confirms the standard of product you’re looking at. This is not your cornerstore novelty piece. Here's what having this pipe on display says about you:

  • You can rip it with the best of 'em, and like to keep it environmentally green while you do.

  • You've got the lowdown on the pipe scene.

  • You got style.

Marley pipes are inherently cool, and they are designed to withstand time, both in terms of style, and durability. The Marley Natural Crystal Ashtray makes a timeless companion to your pipe collection that seamlessly blends from boho vibes to old school sophistication. A subtle Marley Natural Taster can also move from room to room with ease, and without taking up too much of your precious square footage. This entire collection is sustainably crafted with an irresistible aesthetic.

Here’s a breakdown of Marley Naturals' best features:

Our most popular Marley Naturals pipes are the spoon pipe, bubbler, and water pipe.


This masterpiece is handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. UPC’s design encapsulates clean, luxury branding. This fantastic bubbler rig is easily mistaken for a fancy glass-blown vase, or a piece of art itself. The rig comes in a range of colors, and is designed with the high quality engineering.

The American glass pipe creates an elegant silhouette wherever it stands. Confidently prop your Tearshape Rig from mantle to windowsill.

A sleek bent neck, top-notch quartz nail, and sharp silhouette elevate this design to top shelf status.

Browse our full selection of Boo-approved concentrate pipes here.


Is there anything more satisfying than a stone pipe? The answer is yes, but you can’t use Latin American pop stars for the same ends. This lineup transcends times and trends with eye-catching crystal cuts and symbolism to set the right mood for every sesh.

Here are our most popular stone pipes that rest like a gem in your home:

Labradorite Stone Pipe:

According to experts in the field, labradorite has been used by natives in the frozen north for thousands of years, and is believed to have been gifted to the human race by the northern lights. Labradorite is therefore said to give those in possession a higher connection to the universe, and has been used throughout history to expand the consciousness of those in its presence. So not only is this stylish pipe one of the aesthetically pleasing on this list, but it’s also arguably the only pipe made of a stone that is also used for healing the blues.

Quartz Crystal Pipe:

There are many different types of quartz crystals. Every culture in the world has a tie to a form of quartz. The diversity and range of quartz crystal pipes allows you to choose the one that is right for you. In addition to the practical properties of crystal pipes, having one of these gorgeous objects around your home is pretty darn sexy. Plus, you get the added bonus of inviting your guests into a home filled with aura-healing properties.

White Turquoise Marble Pipe:

White turquoise is one of the rarer stones in the turquoise family. Aesthetically, there’s little that needs to be said about how beautiful this pipe is. It’d fit on a bookshelf, next to your bed, or even in a pre-existing cluster of crystals and precious stones you have at home. In terms of healing, turquoise has been used by everyone from the Ancient Egyptians, Native American. In most cultures, turquoise is a protective rock. Using white turquoise pipes is often considered a norm for Kings, Queens, and those of us who think of ourselves as such. If you think this fits your personality, look no further than this excellent addition to your home.

Kambaba Round Stone Pipe:

The ergonomic design of the gorgeous kambaba pipe really stands out. It’s easy to leave this stone lying around your home without fear of a not-so-cool house guest noticing it. If you have a busy family, or don’t want your houseguests to know that you’re into pipe cultures, then nothing as inoffensive as the round kambaba pipe. Kambaba is a type of jasper that possesses elements to inspire tranquility and peace, and is said to be the most nourishing of precious stones. So, if you have a crazy house, keeping a kambaba pipe around may be your best option to have everything chill out.


What would a list of pipes be without throwing in a bong?

The Zig-Zag Beaker Bong is both a bong for sharing, personal use, and is always good to pull out when you’re on a date with your future soulmate. The heartbeat vibe will certainly spark some intimacy. The design comes in a range of sizes, so if you’re looking for a bong that can sit out at all times, the smaller designs are less in-your-face, and can fit perfectly onto a bookshelf or coffee table.

This is yet another versatile piece, that truly shines in every atmosphere. But you don't spot this treasure often. Which is quite the surprise at this price point!

If the Zig-Zag bong doesn’t feel quite right for you, there are plenty of alternatives on the DopeBoo site that come just as highly recommended.

The important part about identifying the best pipe for your home is to think about your needs, your style, and what you want to communicate to guests who join you in your abode.

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