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How to Roll a Joint in 5 Easy Steps

by Anna L 18 Feb 2021
how to roll a joint

How to roll a joint is a technique that sets apart the genuine rolling community from the guy that rolls wet twigs, because we all know no one wants to pass one of those around. While rolling may be old fashioned or too much work for people accustomed to pipes, we have all had great memories passing a J back and forth or sending the Dutch around the rotation.

Rolling a joint still remains the most practiced way of consuming. Why? Because anyone can grind up a few nugs, but the guy that can roll the perfect joint reigns king in a circle of stoners.

So how do you perfect this iconic way of consuming the herbal essence?

In this article, you will learn just that.

Let's get into it!

What You Will Need

Raw Rolling Papers

For you to make a perfect joint that burns smoothly and evenly, you will need the following:    

  • Obviously, a cannabis strain of your choice from wherever you get your marijuana products. Just make sure it's high quality, no vitamin E and no bacteria.  Top shelf only here.      
  • A couple of rolling papers that are easy to fold, Raw is of course a classic and a good choice. 
  • Hemp vs. Classic however is a choice for you to make, while hemp will provide a more natural and herbal taste the classics will give you the nostalgic taste from your first hit.
  • Filter tips. While not necessary, these can be fun to try and experiment with once you have acquired the fundamentals.
  • Cannabis grinder to crush the cannabis (Handpicking is always an option, but do yourself and your weed a favor and get a grinder) 
  • A pen or any other object to help pack the joint (I like to use the pokers from the Raw Cones, as they are the perfect length and made of cardboard)


How to Roll a Joint

After you have gathered all the above, you are now set to roll a joint of your choice. So here's how to roll a perfect joint.

1. Grind Your Cannabis

Santa Cruz Shredder

After you have acquired your perfect strain of cannabis, it's time to turn it into a shake that you will fill in the rolling paper. Using a grinder (like the Santa Cruz Shredder here), crush the cannabis leaves into fine particles.

Remember, if you don't have a grinder for any bud, you can use your hands or scissors. It does make dealing with each bud a bit more difficult but it is doable. Make sure that the cannabis that is dried well is easy to crush and gives you a perfect shake that is non-sticky on your hand or joint paper.

2. Make a Joint Crutch or Filter

How do you make a filter?

Also known as a crutch or tip, you can create one out of any material. Though thin cardboard or a business card is the best and easy to find option. If you are using pre-packed joint paper, you will probably find crutch materials filled with them. Therefore you won't need a thin cardboard or the ever popular business cards option.

Begin at one end of your joint paper; roll the material to the appropriate thickness of its relation with some "accordion" folds.

Pro tip - The crutch is not strictly required, but it helps to ensure that the shake does not spill onto your body while you smoke. It also provides the joint with some stability and lets you enjoy every little bit of weed without burning your fingertips.

3. Fill Your Rolling Paper with Cannabis

filling your joint

After you are done making the crutch and grinding your cannabis, it's now time to fill it up with your shake.

Trying to figure out how about the perfect amount of cannabis you need in a joint?

Worry no more, it's not that hard to figure out!

The right amount of cannabis per joint should be half a gram. After filling up your paper with cannabis, it's time to shape it up with your fingers.

There are many types and flavors of joint papers available in the market. The most popular one being hemp paper because they are strong and burn evenly without compromising the weed flavor.


4. Pack the Joint

After successfully filling your joint with weed, the next step is to pack it appropriately. Packing is done by pinching the paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth ( called joint rolling) until it's packed into a cone shape.


5. Joint Rolling

side of the paper

This is the most crucial part of how to roll your joint. Now, don't get nervous - you can do this easily even if it might take a couple of practice tries with using rolling papers.  And you want to remember to smoothly roll the joint back and forth.

If done well, then the quality of your joint will be high (yes, waited all post to use that word...), and if done poorly, then the opposite is true. With this step by step guide, you have the easiest way to get your flower rolled and the perfect joint!

So? What do you think? Are you ready to take off on your own now that you've learned the different ways how to roll a joint?

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