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The Perfect Guide for How To Roll A Blunt?

by Dopeboo Staff 17 Nov 2022
The Perfect Guide for How To Roll A Blunt?

It goes without saying that an effective yet simple way to use your cannabis is by using a joint. However, there can be instances when you would like to try something different, so if you're up for it, here is a complete guide on how to roll a blunt to make your smoking experience extremely interesting. 

Are you familiar with the term 'weed blunt'? If you have heard of it but don't really have an idea about what it actually is, here's what it means. Weed is filled in a hollowed-out wrapper of a cigar. Blunts aren't as popular or renowned as joints but they do offer a distinctive smoking style and varied flavor. 

Blunt: What Is It?

In short, blunts are nothing but cannabis cigars. There are a couple of differences between a blunt and a joint. Smokers roll a joint using a thin wrapping paper mostly used for cannabis, however, blunts are rolled in tobacco cigar wrappers or a heavy paper suitable for smoking. Blunts can even be rolled in palm or hemp leaves. In comparison to joints, blunts prove to be more substantial because it uses more weed than a king-sized joint. The high produced by blunts is unique because smokers often mix tobacco with cannabis. 

Are There Any Benefits To Smoking Blunts?

If you ask the cannabis community, blunts can be pretty polarizing. Take for instance, the intensity offered by bongs rips, it is clearly not for everyone. Be it the intense aroma or the powerful flavor that blunts produce, not everyone can handle it. One will experience a lingering smoky flavor combined with the pine and citrus notes obtained from cannabis. A noticeable change in flavor can be felt halfway while smoking a blunt because of the built-up of resins within the cannabis cigar. This will have an intense and robust effect. 

In case you're smoking in a group or wish to enjoy a long smoke session, a blunt can be the best choice. It not only burns slowly but hits harder than joints.

What Do You Need To Smoke A Blunt?

Before we proceed to 'how to roll a blunt' let's discuss the things we need to roll one. 


You can't roll a blunt without cannabis. For this you have to get your hands on your favorite strain of cannabis. The amount needed to roll a blunt is approximately 1 to 2 grams. 

Weed Grinder:

Yes, you can break apart your precious strains of cannabis using your hands but the task can be messy and doesn't promise consistency. Choosing a high-quality weed grinder will prove to be extremely handy for this purpose. In case you're an avid smoker, a weed grinder will prove to be beneficial. 

Rolling Paper or Blunt Wraps:

By now, you understand how crucial blunt wraps are for rolling a blunt. You get different kinds of wrappers or papers for rolling a blunt. It isn't the same as a joint wrap. The tobacco leaf wrap is what creates a blunt. You can even use a cigar for this purpose by simply emptying the contents. 

A Sharp Object:

If you are using a cigar, then you will require a sharp tool. This will help to open the cigar. A knife will prove to be ideal for this, but anything that has a sharp edge will get the job done. 

Rolling Tray:

Are you used to rolling joints? Then, you'll know how messy it is to roll a joint. The same applies for blunts. If you choose a cigar for smoking a blunt, you'll have to empty the contents inside it or handle ground cannabis buds. A rolling tray will prove to be the best surface for you to roll a weed blunt. 

It is obviously not a necessity but it's good to have one. Your weed won't fall on the ground during the rolling procedure. 


It goes without saying that a lighter is an essential tool to smoke your blunt. 

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Roll A Blunt For Beginners:

If you have all the necessary things available to roll a blunt, here's how you actually get the job done.

  • Start By Grinding The Cannabis:

  • A traditional joint and a cannabis blunt can't be rolled without grinding the weed buds. Use a weed grinder for a consistent, easy, and clean grind. It will also keep the trichomes preserved. Place around 1-2 grams of preferred strain of weed within the grinders, close the lid, give it a couple of turns.  

  • Prepare Blunt Wraps:

  • Once your ground-up cannabis strain is ready, prepare the blunt wraps. You can use a blunt wrap and begin from scratch or empty the contents of a cigarillo or cigar. If you choose a cigar, use a sharp object (like a knife) to open it. Dump the tobacco that's inside. 

    If you're new to rolling a blunt, you can begin by experimenting with different kinds of blunt wraps until you settle for a preferred choice. 

  • Wet Blunt Wrap:

  • You will need to moisten the blunt wrap a little bit. This will help you control the rolling procedure and make the wrap pliable. You can get this done by simply giving the edge of the wrap a quick lick, it gets the job done. However, if you're not comfortable with that, use some water and use a finger to apply it on the wrap. 

    You can't get the wrap too wet, keep this in mind. It will become extremely difficult to wrap the blunt if it becomes too wet and results in disintegration or even breakage. A blunt that's rolled using too much moisture will burn unevenly. All you have to do is make it work by applying enough moisture. 

  • Fill The Blunt With Weed:

  • The ground weed will now go into your blunt wrap. A rolling tray will prove useful here. Hold your blunt wrapper in your dominant hand while using the fingers of the non-dominant hand to make a little trough. Carefully begin to fill the blunt. Start by grabbing a pinch of the ground weed and placing it lengthwise, don't overstuff the blunt because you have to roll it and then seal it. 

  • Rolling and Sealing:

  • Before you can begin to smoke your blunt, you have to get the final step done. Move the wrapper, very carefully between your fingers in back and forth motion, to evenly distribute the weed. This will prevent a bumpy blunt with weak spots. 

    Once you've attained uniform thickness, one edge of the blunt wrap will go over the bud, carefully tucking the other side. Seal it with water or saliva. Simply give the inside of the wrap a quick lick or run your finger that's been dipped in water on the inside of the wrap. This will help to secure the wrap and encase the weed within. 

    Before you might blunt, run the flame of the lighter on the seam of the blunt to lock the weed inside. 

    Rolling a blunt can feel overwhelming if you're unaware of the way it's done. The complete guide on how to roll a blunt will make cannabis consumption easier.

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