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Cannabis Resin

by Dopeboo Staff 10 Feb 2023
Cannabis Resin

Have you run out of your preferred strain of cannabis or your go-to dispensary is currently low on stock? The reason for not having cannabis in store can be quite a few but what is it that you can do during such situations? Well, seasoned cannabis consumer is aware of resin and has smoked it at least once in their lifetime. In case you're low on your stock of marijuana and finally looking for options that don't involve buying marijuana immediately, then weed resin is the choice that you should make. 


What Is Cannabis Resin?

If you haven't cleaned your bong or pipe for a long time, you will see a sticky brown residue accumulated on the inside of your bong or pipe, that is cannabis resin. Yes, the dark and sticky substance with a burnt taste is composed of tar and has traces of carbon, ash, and cannabis oils. 


Is There Any Difference Between Live Resin Vs Resin?

A critical contrast exists between live resin and resin that can't be ignored. 

Live resin, such as delta 8 live resin is high on terpenes and a kind of cannabis concentrate. It is similar to shatter or wax, whereas, resin is the accumulation of residue after you have smoked a bong or a pipe. This happens when you've not cleaned your bong or pipe after several cannabis sessions. The extract obtained from the trichomes of marijuana is called live resin. It is a high-quality cannabis concentrate that has an abundance of cannabinoids. 

If you have to see it clearly, Live resin is nothing but marijuana gold but resin is basically dirty residue. 


How Do You Smoke Resin?

Smoking resin can prove to be a tedious task but if you're up for it, then you will experience one of a kind experience. Start by scraping off the resin as much as you can. Never scrape residue from plastic pipes or bongs, only choose glass pipes or bongs for this purpose. 

Here are some of the ways you can smoke resin -

  • Dry Pipe

If you want to smoke the resin that has collected on your bong or pipe, begin by applying heat on the outer surface. This will help to vaporize the resin. In case you're planning to smoke resin in a pipe, be extra careful because it's going to be super hot. You will require oven mitts, tongs, a potholder, or something that won't burn your fingers. The pipe's mouthpiece can also be hot, so be extra careful before you place it on your lips. 

  • Bongs

In case resin has settled in your bong, you will have to remove it first. Get hold of a paperclip or bobby pin and a small bowl. Use your butane torch and run it along the surface of your bong. This will make it easier for you to scrape the resin using a paperclip or bobby pin. Collect the bong resin in a bowl. Pack the collected resin from your bong and place it in the bowl. Add fresh water to your bong and smoke away. 

  • Dab Rig

Even a dab rig can be used to smoke resin. The resin needs to be cleaned from your bong or pipe, roll it into a lump and begin dabbing.  

  • Hot Knives

If you're not up for the above-mentioned methods when it comes to smoking resin, you can give this alternative a try. It's both practical and cool. However, it will stink up the place. So, beware. 

Press the lumped-up resin between two knives and place it above an open flame. You'll see how the resin begins to evaporate leaving behind a trail of smoke, inhaling this smoke using a funnel of straw will deliver the results you seek. However, you should remember that this smoke will leave a stench in your kitchen. Nevertheless, you will experience the high you seek. 

If you're left with no option but to scrape the cannabis residue, it is highly recommended to avoid it. Smoking resin can irritate due to the presence of harmful ingredients. Not to mention that resins are sticky, unpleasant, and smelly. 


FAQs: Cannabis Resins

Q1: What Effect Does Resin Have When You Smoke It?

Resin is the residue produced when you smoke cannabis. Over time, a build-up of cannabis remains can be found inside the pipes or bowls. Resin hits can deliver a powerful high until you've stocked up. 

Q2: How Does Live Resin Get You 'Higher' Than Resin?

Live resin is high in THC. It is particularly suitable for seasoned cannabis consumers who can handle a powerful high. 

Q3: Can Smoking Resin Hurt You?

There is a chance that smoking resin will irritate your lungs and throat and even cause a headache. In case you experience frequent headaches, consult a doctor.

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