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About DopeBoo

The world's best online headshop, headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Fed up with the status quo at Chicago head shops, our tight-knit team of herb lovers turned to in-house bulldog (Boo!) to be the face of a new kind of smoke shop: the online headshop made for you.

We’ve since become a globally top-ranked shop. DopeBoo's received attention from glass and vape authorities like High Times, Leafly, and Herb.co! Here, we keep it kind, we keep it simple, and most importantly: we keep it real.

The DopeBoo Experience

Highly Curated

Every product in our shop has been tested and selected. We carry a range of imported pieces, American-made glass, and work from boutique glassblowers. There are no wrong choices!

Security is Top Priority

We’re fortunate enough to have some of Chicago’s most successful tech minds on the team keeping your information safe, secure, and private.

DopeBoo Headshop Curation Process

Outstanding Service

Call us, maybe? Think of us as your personal shopper. We're here 11am-6pm on live chat & phone (and sometimes later, too). And don't forget that an email can be faster at times! 

Convenience is Key

Mulling over the best bongs in your bath robe? Yes, please! DopeBoo is a one-stop-shop where you never have to haggle for the best price.

#DopeBoo Blog

You Get It

The DopeBoo blog makes it simple to see what features take a piece to top shelf quality (no matter the price point). Vapes and glass alike are easy to understand with in-depth reviews, guides, care tips, and quality customer service to maximize your investment.

Proudly carrying the DOPEST brands: