Girls’ Night: For Cloud-Loving Ladies


This may call for a wild night of celebration, or a rejuvenating afternoon. Below is a guide to gathering together everything from invitations to herbal activities. Girlbosses in the making, women leaning in, and grandmas goin’ for it will all appreciate re-centering over a deep breathe with you and this slew of inspiring women.

5 cloud-loving ladies we’re channeling in 2020:

Serial entrepreneur, founder and organizer of Edible Events, Women Grow, and The Jane West Collection

The goddess earth mother you always wished you had...Feminist cannabis guru of Southern California

Conceptual Collage Artist known for her spectacular images flipping the script on percieved "imperfections"

President and CEO of Cheryl Shuman Inc., innovative cannabis branding firm

Nationally-acclaimed, James Beard Award-Winning Pastry Chef and serial entrepreneur

New Year or another Friday night -- it’s time to take an evening off from testosterone to celebrate and elevate the ladies in your life. Come Valentine’s Day we can talk about Highly Devoted Matchmakers which will inevitably lead to Dear Sugars’ Powerful Women and the Men Who Love Them podcast with author-turned-Witherspoon-character, Cheryl Strayed. The focus, for now, is on the estrogen in the room. How do you want to make your favorites feel -- powered up with a party vibe, blissfully relaxed on a refreshing afternoon, or a shade of fun somewhere in between? Let’s get the ball rolling.  

Girls’ Night Checklist:

- Invite your favorite ladies.
- Set the mood: plan fun activities; arrange entertainment.
- Gather supplies: food, beverages, games, playlists, pipes, vapes.
- Party favors: to remember the fun fondly.
- Self-care: unwind after playing hostess.

The Invitation

First, get ‘em excited with a proper invitation. You could go full #bujo and handcraft each invite, or keep it simple with an e-vite that conveys your desired vibe. Call it a “tea party” with one of Sara Shakeel’s invitations. Yes, I am manifesting Ms. Shakeel sell kickass e-vites for digital-age ladies. Till then, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram are all good sources for female-friendly imagery. Just be sure to link to any artist you use so hardworking ladies can get some.

Set the tone upon entry. The best way to get an opening reaction is with an eye-catching spread of activities as friends settle in. Creating an ambiance starts with food and beverages. Potluck it to shorten your to-do list, make cooking itself the fun activity, or go full Martha with an all-out spread. (Prepare for quite a few Martha Stewart references -- the Beyonce of party planning knows how to get down with dry herb.) Consider the energy level you’re looking for and cater to it – serving hot tea is an excellent soother, for example, while cocktails andwine will take the festivities in a livelier direction.

ladies party

Working mom Jane West founded one of the first companies to cultivate this kind of Colorado dinner party. Edible Events led her to create the Women Grow organization that’s now pouring amazing amounts of scholarship, support, and education into female entrepreneurs across the nation. It’s only appropriate that we start our next lineup with the woman who pioneered this epic rebranding of event planning:

Girls’ Night Must-Haves:

- Jane West Collection pipes
- Scrumptious munchies from your favorite place
- KandyPens vaporizer
- Shine Papers 24k gold

As you’re setting the mood, keep in mind if some of your guests are beginners and others are professionals. Chillums or vapes are great for occasional partakers, but an experienced enthusiast is more likely to enjoy other options. The DopeBoo online headshop has small,medium, and large pipes for everyone to enjoy.

A puff from the pen may help inspire you with the right activities for your crew. Even if that crew is just you on a cozy Sunday eve! GAMES, music, movies, and other fun stuff to do will make it a memorable time. Here are a few original ideas:

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1. Spa Fun

spa night

If there’s one thing women from coast to coast have agreed on in 2017, it’s that this year was particularly exhausting. If you’re looking to head out for girls’ day, browse your area for pre-planned activities like Mani Pedi Oh So Heady. Or load up on hemp skincare, aromatherapy candles, paraffin wax, and cute K Beauty masks to get comfy at home. Anything that de-stresses and soothes the senses will do the trick. Include a relaxing itinerary on the invite starting with a yoga sesh like a 5-star spa and a BYO-bathrobe footnote. At home you can control the atmosphere with calming meditation music or light-hearted laughter. (Giggle along as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel hilariously shreds her ex on-stage after taking a puff from a rollie.) Unwind and re-center passing around the a stationary vape that won’t run out of power because it plugs right into the wall.

2. Crafty Fun


Queens of the Stoned Age crafted an entire episode around the creativity phenomenon. A super-affordable craft that makes its own party favor is cloud-inspired embroidery. Grab a rainbow’s worth of color options, needles, a few hoops, and fabric for under twenty bucks. Start a Pinterest board that everyone can browse from their phone for inspiration. Pop on a Spotify playlist or an hilarious Iliza Scheschlinger stand-up for background entertainment as everyone gets zen with the stitch. Follow along to tutorials streamed to the big screen for cool tricks to try.

3. Culinary Fun


Pick a culinary theme and run with it! Use your vape to prep dry herbs as oil/butter beforehand. When everyone arrives you can turn it into a magical meal, with leftovers you can all appreciate afterword.

Culinary Inspiration

- Mama Sailene’s Smoke in the Kitchen series
- Super Deluxe Will makes everything from pancakes to orange chicken
- My Drunk Kitchen in Sarah Silverman’s herbal edition
- Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg make brownies together
- Cooking with your Silver Surfer vaporizer
- Mama Sailene cooks with G Pen creator

4. Ambitious Fun

Marth and Snoop

Get ambitious with a room filled with women supporting women – everyone can use a little help refining their inner-Rihanna. We can’t all afford to fly out for the Girlboss Rally or Women Grow Leadership Conference, but we can support our local girl gang. Keep it cozy with sparkly lights and candles so everyone can get comfy. Map out dream lives working backward; chat about who motivates you most from Michelle Obama to Leslie Knope. Find out what other ladies think your strengths are, along with some fresh new ways of looking at your plans from people you respect. Colorful pens, stationery, post-its, and vision board poster board are sure to boost the mood.

5. The After Party

dope party

Set up a private Instagram page everyone can add to before the festivities begin. Then everyone can giggle over the vape trick pics after! Overachievers can send friends away with a parting gift. Shine Papers, RAW Cone pre-rolls, pins and stationary all make an excellent party favors.

6. The Recharge


Hostessing requires a little self-care, too. Pair your favorite personal pipe with some bath bombs in a luxurious recovery sesh. A hot steamy bathtub is the perfect place to review glorious pics and laugh about all the great new memories you helped create.

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Your store hasn't published any blog posts yet. A blog can be used to talk about new product launches, tips, or other news you want to share with your customers.